Do wishes come true?

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There is one wish, I’m sure is shared by 99.9% of the people living on this planet. It is a wish shared by people of different social classes, race, religion, gender, nationality and sexual orientation.

What could be so powerful, so coveted that it is desired by just about everyone roaming Earth with a pulse, you ask? It is the wish to win the lottery.

Every day, in gas stations, supermarkets, kiosks, or wherever they sell the little tickets, people’s lives are transformed for the duration it takes each person to dream of the changes their lives would undergo. Oh, the things they would buy, the debt they’d pay off, the places they’d go, the investments they’d make, and the people they’d help.

Everyone rehearses and recites the couple of words they’d tell their boss regarding where he or she could stick their job. Magical transformations take place.

Women see themselves rejuvenated as they make lists of the “little work” they’d get done on their face, tummy, breasts, and buttocks.
Men feel the adrenaline surge as they envision going from 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds in the SSC Ultimate Aero. Children, if they’re part of the planning process, dream of the swimming pools and jungle gyms they’ll have in their backyard.

Yes, everyone’s life undergoes a dramatic and marvelous transformation in those few short minutes. However, reality rushes back like a brick to the head. Then one of two things happen.

Half of the dreamers rush out to buy dozens of lottery tickets and the other half look around their surroundings and say, “Yeah, right” and go about their business.

But hey, who says it can’t happen? Who says you aren’t the lucky one who beats the odds of 120 million to one and very much like Charlie, you obtain the shiny, golden ticket that’s going to make you a star, cause you sure as hell ain’t going to no chocolate factory.

Who says it can’t be you? Who says your name can’t be added to the Forbes richest people in the world list? Who says Lady Luck isn’t on your side and scores you the winning ticket?

What do you have to lose other than the dollar the ticket cost?

Go, says the little devil on your shoulder. And so you give in. You challenge fate and say, “Here’s my dollar. Make me a millionaire.”

Me? I’ve studied the odds and know I have a greater chance of being struck on the head by a meteorite than I do of winning the lottery.

However, I too join the hordes who’ve just heard on the radio that tonight’s prize is up to 60 million, and rush to buy a ticket before sales close. I too have had the dream. I too have seen the transformation and I’ll be damned if I spend my last dollar on a candy bar.

So do as I do and squeeze your eyes shut and make that wish already!


3 thoughts on “Do wishes come true?

  1. I have lost too many dollars attempting to be the lucky winner!! I think I have given up for now. Rip always tells me that I have a higher chance to get struck by lightning before I can become a millionaire. But it’s very true when you say that people who buy lottery tickets always think of what they would do with all that money!! At least I know I do when I see the billboard that says Jack Pot: 20 million…

  2. Girl…I know I am going to hit that Jack Pot…I just returned from the local lottery joint from buying myself not one but TWO tickets! I just keep digging up coins from crevices in the car seat, my purse, my wallet….I dug a dime out of the glove compartment and broke a nail in the process….But I know that chump change is going to make me a lot of money one of these days…and I’m going straight to the Gucci store!

  3. Ladies, I know how you feel. Been there, done that! Maybe someday…In the meantime, keep dreaming. It’s free!

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