Are we there yet?

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When the producers of the show Lost named their show Lost, they were not kidding. And I’m not referring to the characters on the mysterious island being lost. I’m talking about the viewers. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I couldn’t be more lost if I tried.

There are times when things have to end if they are to have any chance of leaving any kind of good memory behind. I believe Lost has reached that time. At this point, I’ve lost track of just how many characters have died and come back to life or were alive and have died.

Somehow I’m left scratching my head as to why the entire cast is not wearing clothing that is torn, dingy and threadbare and why more than half of them aren’t sporting dreadlocks that would make Bob Marley proud. Instead, they strut around in attire fit for a model shoot with hair that looks like it’s been coiffed by Paul Mitchell himself.

However, the most perplexing question is, why is Hurley still fat? I mean, it’s not like he’s pigging out on carbs. After a six month diet of mangos, you’d think every character could easily be mistaken for an anatomical skeleton

And Desmond? Poor guy. He spends three years pushing a button every 108 minutes, risks his life to push the failsafe, is exposed to radiation from the electromagnetic field, acquires psychic abilities, is finally reunited with his long-lost Penny, gets shot and is dragged back to island, gets labeled “the package” and is zapped for a second time with electromagnetic radiation. Can life suck any more for the poor guy?

However, one thing cannot be disputed about the island: it seems to have magical powers. It’s cured cancer and restored walking ability and yet, the greatest achievement in my book is how it’s miraculously taught Yin English. One minute, the guy can only spurt out words in Korean and overnight, he’s fluent in English. However, in order for the island to maintain the delicate balance of the yin and yang, pardon the pun, it’s now taken away Sun’s English-speaking ability and now has her venting in Korean.

I could sit here and type till the cows come home and I still wouldn’t be able to find my way back from the lost state Lost has put me in. I’m just glad that no matter what my state of confusion is, a bare-chested Sawyer always makes an appearance and reminds me of the real reason I’m watching the show. Now that’s a character I wouldn’t mind being lost with.

Anyone know what time the next Oceanic flights leaves?


4 thoughts on “Are we there yet?

  1. Hi,

    I agree but Lost lost me already a loooooooong time ago…

    What about this .. in daily life I’m not even as clean-shaven as those guys!
    After a month everybody would stumble over my beard already !!!!!
    What do they use to shave?? Sea shells or pine needles or a sharp piece of a rock? I don’t get it…
    And the haircuts?
    How do they do that?
    Do they pluck it? Burn it shorter?
    About the food… They must have a hidden fastfood joint.
    Hurley should have lost at least half of his weight and the rest should be cadavers.
    It’s time to loose Lost!

  2. Hurley! How could he possibly lose weight when he was pigging out on crab-filled rolls enhanced with mayo and cheddar cheese? I remember reading his blog and how the owner of the shop with the crab rolls had asked “Hurley” to mention his business in a blog post. I don’t think “Hurley” did, but what got me laughing was that it was the same bakery that I once worked at.

    I never got into Lost, even if it was filmed in my own ‘hood.

    1. Rowena, I updated this post yesterday cause the Flicker photo I had posted was removed and so I changed the photo. That said, I’m glad you were able to read it! How could you not get Lost with all the eye candy in that series?? You are stronger than me, woman!

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