Paper or plastic?

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The revelation came to me late one afternoon. I had spent the better part of my morning cleaning out my purse when I realized I was late to a doctor’s appointment. Not remembering where I had placed the empty purse, I reached for the nearest substitution, a plastic bag left over from my last visit to Target. I had ten minutes to get to get to my destination and decided this wasn’t the time to quibble about my wallet and lipstick’s mode of transport. From that day on, I was hooked. Hooked on carrying my junk in any available plastic bag, that is.

No longer did I have to worry about whether my shoes matched my purse or whether I had remembered to spot clean the smear on my canvas tote. The plastic bag was the answer to all of my handbag woes.

They were accessible, generic and most of all, virtually indestructible. Gone was the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a ridiculous piece of leather that I had to condition, care for and weather proof.

I no longer had to change bags with the seasons, ensure I had the latest Chanel tote or argue with a friend over how it was evident her Louis Vuitton knock off was a fake since the LV was crooked and there were stitches on the seams. No more having to convince friends and family that yes, spending nine hundred dollars on a Fendi purse was a worthwhile investment. Above all, no more having to verify my status on the wait list for a Hermes Birkin bag.

The plastic sack had liberated me forever.

It was no longer necessary to sigh at the clout my outfit had acquired when I slipped on the latest Prada designer clutch. No more money spent on therapy to overcome the depressive state I fell into the time I had to return the Michael Kors handbag to the shelf after having carried it in the crook of my arm throughout the store for three hours.

Ah, the plastic bag had set me free.

It’s this feeling of freedom that makes me wonder why other sisters continue to be enslaved to their purse fetish. Is it  because they feel their status quo rises whenever they walk in public with a designer clutch? Or is it because they feel they are invisible if not for their designer bag?

Can a handbag hold that much power? Yes, it can make you look trendier, more fashionable and even I dare say, more pulled together. But does it make you look or feel smarter, more driven, spiritual, compassionate, or a kinder human being?

Therein lies the beauty of the plastic bag. While it doesn’t make you look like any of the aforementioned examples, it does show you are reusing and in doing so, you are helping the planet. In addition, it conveys the message that you have better things to spend your time, money, and energy on. And it ain’t on a silly, overpriced,  look at me, look at me, dumb ass handbag.

So come on ladies.  Grab a plastic bag and repeat after me, “It’s not about the bag. It’s about who’s carrying it.”


2 thoughts on “Paper or plastic?

  1. Hail Ye Oh Plastic Bag from any discount store…not only will it carry meaningless junk that gives you shoulder pain when lugged in a conventional purse..the sacred plastic bag doubles up as:
    * emergency vomit container
    * rain hat to protect against frizzies
    * trash can
    * it might even prove to be a good self defense weapon if you are a bit creative
    * Our aunt even makes purses, wallets and other items out of them need I remind you?
    * emergency handcuffs if you know how to tie nots well…

    the list could go on and on…

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