Is this Mother Nature’s doing?


Thirteen years ago, I read a novel titled The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. It tells the story of an American man traveling through the jungles of Peru searching for a sacred manuscript that is composed of nine insights. These insights are supposed to prophecy the coming of a new spirituality. The third insight specifically talks about seeing the universe as a powerful source of energy. Spending time in nature, according to this insight, is one of the best ways of recharging a person’s energy levels.

I remember being fascinated, yet skeptical, regarding some of the premises presented in the book. However, now that my children are grown, I’ve been able to put this third insight to the test. The long, multiple daily walks I take with my dog Roxy, provide me with the perfect opportunity to evaluate just how much truth there is to this suposition.Because I’m fortunate enough to live very close to a park which is surrounded by a wooded area, visualizing Mother Nature’s beauty is very much within my reach.

This morning’s walk served as proof that spending time outdoors can indeed be soothing for the mind, the body and cheesy as this sounds, for the soul.
As Roxy and I strolled through the forest, I concentrated on the sounds of our surroundings. The rustling of the trees, the cracking of twigs beneath the weight of my feet and Roxy’s paws, accompanied by the chirping of birds, all made for our very own personal concerto. Everywhere we looked there were different shades of green, all visually appealing. The smells surrounding us were a mixture of dried leaves, faint notes coming from nearby blossoms, and an indescribable aroma that seemed to follow us as we walked.

The sun played peekaboo through the branches of the trees and several birds flew overhead, their wings spread wide. We were alone and yet it seemed there was non stop activity all around us. With every step I took, I felt a deeper sense of relaxation. My senses, completely cued to my surroundings, sent my brain messages of how exhilarated, energized, alert, and worry-free I was feeling.

I don’t remember if this is the kind of energy which was referred to in the book, but it certainly is the one I felt today and every day I spend in the company of nature. Perhaps it’s the absence of black noise or maybe it’s the possibility of basking in my own company, but whatever it is, I know it makes me feel ready to tackle any problem or obstacle I may be facing. Moreover, it’s another therapeutic tool I can use when I’m feeling lethargic, listless or blue. Best of all, this is an activity that doesn’t require a companion. (Doggie companion is optional)

So gear up people, and take to the park or forest. It’s time to let Mother Earth energize us!


One thought on “Is this Mother Nature’s doing?

  1. Hi Bella. Yeah, that’s true
    Thats what we found out in the french district the Chartreuse when we were walking with our group and saw nobody else for hours
    just walking enjoing nature and relaxing.
    smelling, hearing and feeling nature thats whats it´s all about!

    Only i hate when it rains copiously
    and that one time when we took a really long to get home!

    Nature, its a relaxer.
    when you take your time to enjoy it, it’s beneficial for your health.

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