Will I have time to do this before I kick the bucket?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by dark_mephi

This morning a friend called to say she had been able to cross something off her bucket list. It appears her husband took her to Paris and she climbed the Eiffel Tower. Well, color me green with envy. Not because she was able to climb the Eiffel Tower, something I’ve already done, but because she was actually able to cross something off her list.

It’s been more than seven years since I’ve been able to cross anything off mine. This is quite ironic considering both of my children are grown. That’s not to say that having kids prevents you from doing things, but it does make it more difficult to participate in riskier activities. (#15-Go skydiving)

In any case, I’ve had a look at the old list and sadly, only four things have been crossed off: #3 Visit Paris, #8 Stand in the Piazza San Marco in Venice, #13 Swim topless in the Mediterranean Sea, and #7 Read all of Jane Austen’s books.

But what about: # 2 Learn to play the piano, #9 Try fencing, or #1 Have a night of passionate sex with Antonio Banderas? When are these activities going to be crossed off my list?

So maybe some of the items on the list are a little farfetched, like #13 Swim in a shark tank, #20 Run in the Boston marathon or #6 Be a guest on the Oprah show, for example? But a bucket list is supposed to be a compilation of extraordinary pursuits, not mundane and practical ventures.

I refuse to substitute grandiose for crap. I’m sorry. So if that means I will not get around to # 4 Learn to dance the tango, then so be it. In my humble opinion, it’s better to have dreamed and fantasized about, than to settle and substitute.

I can’t imagine swapping # 9 Scuba dive off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for something like “Fart in an elevator”. Can you?

I guess that means it will take longer to cross things off but hey, I plan to live till I’m 100. There’s plenty of time! In the meantime, tonight the party in my head includes Antonio, a bottle of Cristal, Barry White on the CD player, and me in a leopard print teddy. Grrr!

How about you? What’s on your bucket list?


6 thoughts on “Will I have time to do this before I kick the bucket?

  1. You have to do #2. I’d give your free piano lessons if you lived anywhere nearby. Piano is awesome.

    I agree, better to dream and fantasize than to settle. What’s so great about elevator farts?

    1. You are awesome for offering to give me piano lessons. Have I said thank you for always leaving great comments? They are always appreciated. Thanks!

  2. You can always do #4 unless you are dead, so get out there now! Just don’t go for the fancy stuff like the gancho in the picture, that is show Tango. Go for some lovely close embrace salon Tango. Who knows, that could lead to something close to #1! ;)

    1. Hey Arlene,
      Thanks for dropping by! I have to say I would be willing to do anything to get closer to number one, even the tricky gancho in the picture! However, your suggestion does sound lovely and less prone to land me in a leg cast. :)

  3. No problem Bella.
    Although I’m not sure one can learn even Salon Tango without some injury (those high heels can be lethal if you don’t know how to use them or your leader is not paying attention), you are less like ly to break something! You might want to read a few blogs about this!
    Go find a good teacher, learn the basics. If you can walk, you can tango. Look at those old milongueros in Buenos Aires on youtube! You can tango until you die if you can still walk!
    As for the actual #1, are you sure? Look who he married! I’d go more for Javier Bardem, at least he is with Penelope Cruz. Have you seen his earlier films? Like Banderas but better! Wow!

    1. I’ll be sure and check out those videos on youtube, Arlene. Javier Bardem? Another hottie, for sure. Can you tell I have a thing for Spanish men? :) I’ve been a hardcore fan of Antonio for ages. The man is like good wine!

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