Is black a color?

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Black. Some say it’s not even a color. I say, if that’s true, then I have a closet full of colorless clothes.

For as long as I can remember, black has been my color of choice for every garment I’ve ever purchased. I think it mesmerized me at the age of fourteen, when upon trying on a slim-fitting dress, I realized it actually gave me a svelte silhouette. Slowly but surely, black invaded my closet: black pants, black shirts, black dresses, and most definitely, black undergarments.

Bulges and rolls seemed to “magically” disappear every time I threw something on in this wondrous color. I tried to convince friends and family to join me in the perpetual wear of black. Sales pitches included how classy it looked, how simple it was to put together a black outfit, and more importantly, how looking like you’ve dropped ten pounds, was almost guaranteed.

Life stopped being complicated when I started wearing black. No more standing in front of the closet wondering what the contrasting shade for Chartreuse was. No more having to distinguish between beige, ecru, ivory, off-white and Mother of Pearl. And definitely, no more anguishing over what accessories to pair up with whatever color outfit I’d selected. Black went with black. That’s all there was to it.

And then one day I noticed, to my greatest horror, that there were different shades of black. I then became obsessed with pairing identical shades of it. If I purchased a black pair of slacks, they accompanied me on the quest to find its twin black shirt. At times, the difference between items was one or two shades. Should I wear the darker piece on the bottom half of my body, or the top? Would the darker shade make me look slimmer, or not?

Fast forward I don’t know how many years, and I’m still stuck on black. Forget the fact that I’ve been asked if I’m a Goth, a widow originating from the Mediterranean, or if I work for MAC cosmetics. People just don’t understand my bond with black, and I’m too tired to explain the reasons for our relationship.

It is what it is, folks. I guess it’s true what they say: Once you try black, you never go back.

Guilty as charged.

Is there a color you can’t get enough of?


6 thoughts on “Is black a color?

  1. FIRS OF ALL! Black is most CERTAINLY A COLOR! I’m sure you know that though.

    It’s funny you bring this up because I actually have this argument with my step dad all the time. He thinks because black equals darkness that it can’t be a color but I tell him that black is a combination of ALL colors so it has to be a color. White is the absence of color. He doesn’t believe me.

    Anywho. I feel you’re pain on this black clothes issue. I’ve been there with the shades. I usually get that issue when I’ve washed something black to the point of death, but because I am a Denim girl, I don’t usually run into that issue a lot. Jeans match any shade of black.

    Big Kiss (^_^) QueenPinky

  2. I’ve got to say that, from a color theory point of view, black and white are “shades”, not “colors”. Not that that means much ;)
    Oh, I am totally with you in your love of black clothes. If I’m not wearing all black, I’m usually pairing it with something else. Like with you, the result is that people constantly suspect that I’m emo (I’m also an “artsy-musician” type, write poetry, and wear way too many Converses). My pet peeve with black clothes, though, is when you buy two things in the same shade of black, and when they come out of the wash the first time one looks blue. It makes me so peeved every time.

  3. Black undergarments are sexay. I love love love black. It always seemed to speak to me of elegance and sophistication. Can’t get enough of it. Red, too.

  4. Ladies,
    Thank you for your comments! It’s great to know I’m not alone in my angst with black! :) Abby, too right, sister, there´s nothing sexier than black lingerie!

  5. I think I’m your sister (another lover of black). You have a beautiful background, I love the colors how they fade into each other. Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

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