A little update on my absence

Hello All!
I find myself far away from my laptop and have been for the last couple of weeks or so, as I’m sure you’ve noticed from my lack of recent blog posts. However, I have been quite busy taking notes, by hand, yes, by hand, on everything that captures my attention, stimulates my senses or makes me go hmm….to write new posts just as soon as I make my way home. In the meantime, greetings to you all and please come back and visit me again on August 17!


4 thoughts on “A little update on my absence

  1. I miss your wise, funny, and insightful blog posts! I’m so glad that you’re taking notes, and look forward to some inspiring new ones.

    1. Abby, like the Terminator, I´ll be back! Thank you for your support! I´m totally honored to have you as a reader. Thanks!

    1. Nikki,
      Gosh you’ve made me feel special! Thank you! I’ll have a new post by tomorrow. Hope you’ve enjoyed your break as well!

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