Are wrinkles here to stay?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by f1uffster (Jeanie)

As a group of female acquaintances and I gathered round the table over steaming lattes, our conversation turned to the hardships of aging. To hear us, anyone would think we had one foot in the grave but the reality is, we’re all in our late thirties and early forties. However, this didn’t prevent us from discussing the hateful gray hairs that make an unwelcome appearance every time we acquire new hair growth, the joint pain we experience when after sitting for a prolonged period of time, we suddenly stand up, and lastly, the bouts of insomnia that leave us sleepless night after night.

As our chatting continued, we inevitably touched on the subject of whether it’s okay to Botox or not. Half the ladies in the group were convinced Botox was the only way to go, while the other half vehemently rejected the process, myself included. Some argued that a little injection would erase the effects of time, while others insisted that it was only an expensive, temporary fix.

Examples of celebrities with disastrous Botox results were cited while the pro-Botox side brought into evidence successful cases. When asked for my opinion, I explained that while I intended to fight the aging process, I wouldn’t be doing it by injecting anything into my face.

The way I see it, facial wrinkles should be seen as a natural mapping of a person’s existence. When I look into the mirror and see the faint laughter lines around my mouth, I remember the events that have given way to mirth strong enough to cause them. The two tiny frown lines on my forehead remind me of circumstances that while painful, have lead me to be stronger and braver.

Erasing any of these lines would be like erasing the situations that have shaped me into the person I am. However, that’s not to say that I won’t hydrate my skin any way I can in order to keep the grooves from getting any deeper. But to have them disappear, even if it’s only temporarily? I don’t think so.

Embracing wholeheartedly who you are, wrinkles or not, is part of the human experience. The bad times, the fun times, the pain, the laughter, they all leave behind their mark and add to the beauty of being alive. In the same way marks and blemishes enhance the beauty of natural wood, lines and wrinkles leave their mark to make each and every one of us unique and real.

As our conversation came to a close, we concluded that having a little work done is a personal decision and everyone has the right to exercise their choice. For the moment, I will continue to peak in the looking glass and admire a work in progress.

What say you? Botox, yay or nay?


3 thoughts on “Are wrinkles here to stay?

  1. Love this photo and that you took the time to write about it. I think it’s a personal decision, but for me I feel women look more beautiful, charming, and unique with their natural wrinkles.

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