Is this what you call a pet peeve?

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It happened to me today. I’m sure it’s happened to you as well. Maybe not today, but at some point in your life, in your week, in your day. It’s that dreaded moment when you’ve finished using the bathroom only to realize the only thing left of the toilet paper roll is that dreadful cardboard cylinder. ARGH!!

I won’t go into the details of how much I resembled Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible trying to find a new paper roll. What the hell am I saying? After five minutes of unsuccessful searching, I was ready to use anything that would wipe my ass and still be flushable.

Ah, the perils of living with two men who feel it’s their God-given right to go through life without a care for anyone but themselves. Anyhoo, my little, ahem, predicament, made me think of all the other pet peeves I’ve experienced because of them, throughout the years. I thought I’d share them with you.

After all, misery loves company!

List of “hair-pulling-want-to-scream-gotta-hit-somebody-pass-me-the-wine-already” pet peeves
(PS. written in no particular order)

#1 Pulling out your camera to take a picture of a Peacock Butterfly, a one of a kind, only to realize the battery is dead. A second later you remember your son having asked to borrow it so he could take pictures of himself to post on Facebook.

#2 Being the last one to jump in the shower when the temperature IN the house is 30 degrees because the central heating is broken, only to realize that not a single drop of hot water is left.

#3 Pouring yourself a bowl of cereal and grabbing a container of milk from the fridge only to realize it’s empty.

#4 Turning on your cell phone, while stranded in the middle of nowhere only to realize that it’s dead. Two seconds later you remember your son had been using it to send text messages to all his friends.

#5 Turning on your iPOD right before heading off on your morning power walk only to realize it’s dead. Three seconds later you realize your son borrowed it the night before cause his was out of battery.

#6 Realizing you’re going into caffeine withdrawal but becoming aware that your significant other has used the last dregs that were left.

#7 Coming into the knowledge that someone has discovered your secret stash and has eaten all of your Ho Ho’s.

#8 Having your significant other point out that the new dress you’re wearing still has the tag on and it’s been sticking out the back all evening.

#9 Having your significant other ask you, an hour after you’ve returned from the ladies room, “How long do you plan on having that piece of toilet paper stuck to your shoe?”

#10 Sweetly smiling at your significant other only to realize he’s smiling at the woman in front of you.

#11 Sexily slinking up to your significant other and telling him, “Lets play…” only to have him reply, “You have lipstick on your teeth”.

#12 Demanding your son lock the car doors and a minute later hearing, “Shit. I left the keys in the ignition.”

#13 Leaving the line at cash register four to join your significant other who insists the line is shorter in line three only to hear the cashier say, “Price check needed at register three”.

#14 Getting up to pee in the middle of the night, forgetting to turn on the light, and falling into the bowl.

#15 Attempting to have a conversation with your son while he insists on referring to himself in the third person.

#16 Seeing dirty clothes strewn next to the hamper, behind the hamper, hanging off the top of the hamper, but not one article INSIDE the hamper.

#17 Deciding that the only thing preventing you from jumping out of a third story window are your friends Ben and Jerry, only to see your son licking the empty container.

Rant temporarily paused cause I want you to get in the action!

What’s your biggest pet peeve? Please comment and lets add it to the list!


8 thoughts on “Is this what you call a pet peeve?

  1. Wow! Trade ‘son’ with ‘daughter’ and we could live in the SAME house!!!!!! AS I was reading through your list I was like, “and that’s why she’s not allowed to use my phone anymore!” ….”And thats why I found higher shelves to hide things on in the kitchen!”…. And so forth and so on!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a note! Your blog is GREAT. :-)

  2. OMG! Where do I begin?! For the most part, you’ve covered many of the same “challenges” I face in my loving yet dysfunctional family. One that I did not see was when someone leaves less than a glass full of [insert beverage here] in the fridge. It would be better if you just finished it off than to insult someone by leaving, as my grandmother would say, a swallow in the container.

    Another would be using the last of the last roll of toilet paper and not letting anyone know about it. Of course, this usually happens to me and then I’m stuck waiting until someone runs to the corner store (which always takes forever). I just keep a few rolls hidden in an old backpack now! :)

    I guess those are my two biggest pet peeves. Thanks for sharing; nice blog you have here! Oh! Thanks for stopping by The Voluptua Project; I appreciate it! :)

  3. This post made laugh so hard! I could so see your son doing all these things. I can definitely relate to pet peve # 13 but the one that happens most in my home is # 16. So I have learned to leave the dirty clothes on the floor, on top of the hamper, and next to the hamper. After I few days I have the boyfriend asking me, “Do I have any clean boxers?”

    1. You sweet girl, you know I love your comments. Leaving the clothes where they land and not bothering to pick them up? Ah…the student becomes the master! Hurrah!

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