Do we take things for granted?

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Today I am forced to write about my latest existential woe: a broken dryer. If any of you have been victims of such an unfortunate circumstance, I am sure you will empathize with my plight.

Just how tragic is not having a dryer? Try enduring a wedgie all day long from wearing a pair of your “sexy unmentionables” because you’ve run out of your “sensible underpants”.

However, wedgies are the least of my worries.

This morning I was an auditory witness to the tirade of expletives that spewed forth from my son’s mouth as he realized he had worked out at the gym wearing a pair of mismatched socks.
Hey, is it my fault he doesn’t take the time to verify that both socks are the same color? Besides, why in the hell doesn’t wear regular white tube socks like the rest of the gym rats?

Coming in close second was my significant other who upon entering the bedroom after his morning shower announced, “I’m down to one pair of boxers and then I’m going commando.”

Even the dog, gave me a dirty look when I mentioned to no one in particular that “Roxy has no more clean blankies left, so just don’t wrap her in anything.”

However, their suffering is nil in comparison to mine.

Because it’s been raining for the past two weeks, every morning I participate in what I call the “lets switch” routine. It goes something like this: Clothes that have just come out of the washer go to the aluminum clothes rack, clothes that have been drying for a day on the aluminum clothes rack get transferred to the wooden bannister, and clothes that are almost dry on the wooden bannister move to being draped on any available clean surface.

At the end of the day, our house resembles a badly organized garage sale of wet clothes items.

Our “dryerless” situation has reminded me of how we take things for granted.

I smile with nostalgia and wipe a tear from my eye as I remember the days when I would pull out Snuggle-smelling hot towels from the dryer and drape them over myself for warmth. Ironically, those very same towels now resemble sand paper and stink of their still humid-state. (This experience has enlightened us to the fact that towels are the only item that never quite seems to dry completely).

Yes, taking things for granted results in not appreciating what we have, the service it provides or the joy it brings us.
Taking things for granted places us under the false belief that whatever it is, it’s going to last forever; be there forever.

If my broken dryer has taught me anything, it’s that nothing lasts forever.

Thankfully, that also means the discomfort from this wedgie will also be transitory. I will indeed feel better as soon as one of my comfy cotton underpants has finished drying. Now that definitely spells relief.

Is there anything you’ve taken for granted and realized how much it meant when you no longer had it? Please share!


8 thoughts on “Do we take things for granted?

  1. Haha I know exactly what you mean – I’ve often wondered how people survived 50 years ago without modern conveniences. When I moved into my new apartment, I realized it didn’t have a microwave. “I’ll be fine” I thought. Then I ordered pizza and wanted to reheat the leftovers, had no way to cook my plethora of SteamFresh Veggies, and making a cup of tea became an enormous hassle. I lasted about 3 weeks before giving in and buying one. And don’t even get me started on Air Conditioning (I live in Texas…’nuff said).


  2. Sophie,
    Thanks for your comment! I too have suffered the angst of being both without a microwave AND an airco–not a pretty sight! There’s only so much you can reheat in a pan. Drop by again soon!

  3. I don’t have a drier so we just depend on natural air outside during spring/summer and inside heat during winter, its annoying if you need something quickly but we get by! Sorry to hear you had trouble with yours though xo

    1. After hearing that you normally just air dry your clothes, I feel like a complainer! :) The only problem with doing that where I live is the amount of rain we get this time of year. It makes for a pretty damp environment that doesn’t allow clothes to dry quickly. Jeans stay on that rack for three days straight! Thanks for commenting!

  4. We dry on the rack ’cause it saves us loads of money (that’s right… pay-per-load), but only when it’s convenient. Convenience = hot, dry, windy day or cold so the heaters are on day. Living in the Pacific Northwest, you can imagine how many hot dry days we get. So, really, I hear your pain.

    At least my rainbow socks look good hanging at the top of your post. :)

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