Are sanitary pants the solution?

Ladies, do you know what’s worse than having your period?

Your dog having hers.

It doesn’t matter that this troublesome event only happens twice a year. I’m certain many girl dog owners will agree, it’s a pain in the derrière.

So imagine my surprise when after sharing my woes with a local pet shop owner, she informed me that no, it wasn’t necessary to put a preemie disposable diaper on your canine (Now she tells me, after I’ve ruined at least five trying to cut the right-sized slit for Roxy’s tail.)

The reason? Because there’s something called “sanitary pants” that can help.

Sanitary pants? Sound too retro? It did to me.

Before she even pulled one out, I had visions of little Roxy wearing two-inch thick granny pants.

But instead, it turns out that “sanitary pants” resemble the sanitary napkin belt from the 1940’s.

They look something like this:

They have a little opening on the inside that accommodates a little liner which, of course, can be replaced.

There is a little hole in the back for the tail to fit through.

Having to replace the liner is no picnic, but it beats having to clean blood from the rug or floor.

Sister Roxy is more than happy to model her latest accessory.

While this is not be the subject of my usual posts, I thought it helpful to share with you the knowledge that little inventions like these exist.

There is no need for you or your pet to be miserable during this difficult period. No pun intended.

Knowing that Roxy is comfortable gives me peace of mind, and it allows her to do what she does best–sleep.

Without sullying her little doggy bed!

So if any of you have shared the misery of your dog’s “time of the year,” know that this might be helpful.

Let me know what you think of this post! Oh, and if any of you have pets that have used this before, tell me if you think it’s worth the trouble!

4 thoughts on “Are sanitary pants the solution?

  1. ahh, the dreaded doggie lady-time. my rox is fixed (sorry, darling) BUT i still have a horror story. once, years ago, i was dog/house/farm-sitting for some family friends. they left me with their (literally) champion breed show-dogs for an entire week, not to mention their horses and birds and etc. but anyway, imagine my 16-year-old dismay when i return to their home to find a blood trail through the house. my family had always only had male dogs, so i was freaking out for more than a hot second. luckily, one of the beloved pups was simply in heat and not dying from blood loss, so things ended up ok. wish they’d left me with the sanitary pants. or maybe just a warning. :) xo

    1. Oh, the grief and confusion we undergo when we don’t know any better! I can only imagine your reaction! Thanks so much for sharing. I too have to “fix” little Roxy. Healthwise it’s better for them and we don’t have to deal with all of this! :)

  2. Fortunately, I’ve always had male dogs and my female cats were fixed before I got them. I did work in the pet industry, though, so I’ve seen these kinds of products before. Trust me, if there’s a need, someone has probably made something. It’s amazing the range of products out there, and it just keeps growing. Glad you found these and hopefully both of you are happy now! :)

    1. I am and even happier now that the “time of the year” has finally passed! I am so not welcoming the next time and pray I will have spayed her by then!

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