Today why don’t you…?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Unitopia

This post is dedicated to all the things we have to do, hope to do, pray we’ll get around to doing and can only dream of doing.

Today why don’t you…

~call your Mom

~call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time

~smile at a stranger

~tell someone they look nice

~have a conversation with an elderly person

~leave a thoughtful comment on someone’s blog

~take a walk and explore nature

~reach out to someone in need

~donate things you don’t need or use to charity

~leave more than the average tip if the service is good

~hold the door open for someone

~allow someone who just has a few items to go ahead of you at the supermarket

~compliment your significant other

~tell your child he or she makes you proud

~refuse to multitask

~donate pet food to an animal shelter

~tell someone you love why they’re special to you

~turn off your cell phone while in the company of someone

~sing in the shower

~buy a little present for a friend who’s been depressed

~send the thank you notes you’ve been meaning to send

~look at yourself in the mirror and say “I’m hot” out loud

~treat yourself to a little somethin’ somethin’

~chew bubblegum and blow a bubble

~jump in a puddle

~volunteer your time

~ladies–do a breast self-exam

~eat some dark chocolate

Dearest readers, won’t you add to this list?


4 thoughts on “Today why don’t you…?

    1. You are very welcome! And now you’ve left a nice comment on my blog so that’s another thing you’ve done. Thank you for dropping by and commenting!

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