Just Because…

Because it's okay to miss summer...



12 thoughts on “Just Because…

  1. Hi Bella :)

    sure I can help! It actually is not that hard to learn Norwegian for English speakers, as the language is structured in similar ways to English. There are 4 casus, so not that complicated. English speakers also tend to get the pronounciation right :) Why? Are you coming over for coffee in Norway?

    xx Anika

    ps. am happily following you, love your blog! And I miss summer! We had -8 celsius here today, and it`s not even freakin December! oh well. Time to put on my fish and flames-dvd LOL

    1. Oh Anika, thank you, thank you for dropping by and for your kind reply! Actually, my son was considering the possibility of taking a course in learning Norwegian but I pleaded with him to allow me to check with my fellow bloggers before he actually took the plunge. You have no idea how reassuring your answer is! That said, I so wish I was coming over for coffee in Norway! :) Thank you for the sweet comment. I have been a fan of your work for a while now! :) And what I most admire about you is your kind and complimentary comments. I’m so glad you like my humble attempts at blogging! Once again, thank you!

    1. I love the winter season! I love the clothes, the scarves, the gloves and mittens, and above all, that everyone looks like a fat polar bear in their coats! :)

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