Why do you have to do it in Italy?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Geomangio

Me: I’m going to need some money for something I have to do.

Significant Other: Yeah, like what?

Me: Oh, just something.

Significant Other: I am not making any more deposits in your “Help me get liposuction” account.

Me: I want to go to Italy.

Significant Other: What the hell for?

Me: I’m taking Julia Robert’s advice.

Significant Other: Of eating all the pizza you want and buying bigger pants?

Me: No, smart ass. To learn the art of “Dolce Far Niente.”

Significant Other: Are you kidding me? Why can’t you learn how to do nothing here?

Me: Because it’s an Italian thing.

Significant Other: So is pizza but when we want some, we call Domino’s.

Me: (Screaming) I want to learn how to “Dolce Far Niente!”

Significant Other: Next you’ll be telling me you want to go to India to ride an elephant.

Me: I was going to say Bali, so I can sleep with Javier Bardem. Besides, Julia never rode the elephant.

Significant Other: Whatever. I want to go to go to Australia so I can dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Me: Why can’t you snorkel in the tub instead?

Significant Other: I see you got my point.

Me: I guess I could “Dolce Far Niente” here.

Significant Other: Why don’t you cook something Italian instead?

Me: The number to Domino’s is on the refrigerator door.


14 thoughts on “Why do you have to do it in Italy?

  1. Cute! I have not seen the movie yet…waiting for it to hit the library of freebies. It will be an oldie but goodie by then. :)

    1. Hey Teri! Thanks for dropping by! In all honesty, I saw the movie simply because I love Javier Bardem! However, by the middle of it, I was praying it would end! :)

  2. Hi Bella, you are so funny! You had me laughing out loud with this one, love it! I say, let`s meet in Italy in flowy dresses with room for tons of pizza :)

    My fave things about the movie were Javier, India, The guru in Bali and Javier :D it really was too long, but the scenery was nice :)

    got you on my blogroll and am looking forward to reading you lots more :)
    love, Anika

    1. Anika sweetie, deal! Empire waisted is a must! My favorite parts in the movie were Javier, Javier and Javier. He’s the only reason I held out till the end. Julia was smart…had she featured him in the beginning, I would have walked out of the movie theater the moment his turn was up! I’m honored to be on your blogroll! I’m already following you on Bloglovin but will add you to my humble blogroll as well. :)

  3. I love reading others’ conversations. My husband used to actually secretly tape our conversations when we were dating… he wanted to have something we could listen to when we get old. Sweet or creepy? I vote creepy.

  4. Hi Bella! Came in Italy, came in Rome and ride on the Campidoglio Hill, ther’is a Campidoglio Square, done by Michelangelo, and Capitolini Museum… and so… you have to ride on the third floor, where you can find a beautiful coffee bar, with a wonderful terrace, where you can have a drink like that I’ve put in my picture. You have just say: Un Prosecco!. Like a champagne, but italian!

    1. Geomangio,
      I’m honored to be able to use your photo in this post. Thank you for the information! I’ll be sure and follow your instructions when I next go to Italy!

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