Did you water the plant?

Dear Readers,
I know I posted a conversations with my significant other in the previous post, but this one was too good to pass up. Why? Because on this occasion, he did all the talking. In a way of explanation, lets just say there are times when the best answer is the one that stays inside your head. This makes for successful conversation because not only does your man get whatever he has to say off his chest, but you still get the last word!

I give you the plant conversation:

Have you been watering the plant? (By the looks of her, the answer should be obvious)

I think she needs more sunlight. (OMG, I think he’s serious)

Maybe if you talk to her a bit. (Yes, because I’ve got nothing better to do)

There’s life in her yet. (Seriously?)

I might pick up some rose vitamins when I get out of work today. (Or you could just buy a new plant)

Maybe she’s reacting to a hostile environment. (The dog does has breathed on her a couple of times)

What do you think we should do? (Call the rose whisperer?)

Then you complain I don’ t get you stuff. ( I was thinking Chanel lipstick not a 1.99 cent plant)

Maybe I’ll take her to work…(Would you?)

I think she’ll get better care there. (And I won’t have to look at her anymore)

Alright. It’s decided. She’s going with me. (Leave already).


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