Who wants a burnt tongue?

I love my Starbucks tumbler. I really, really do. That’s why I don’t get why it’s out to get me.

Every morning, afternoon, or evening, it waits for me to take that very first sip and then–wham! It burns the crap out of my tongue.

Now keep in mind that the attack is halted after the first sip (progressive sips are not met with further aggression).

But as a result, I’m left to nurse burnt taste buds.

Any of you who have suffered similar consequences know this is not fun, not fun at all. And so I want to know, why does this happen?

Is it because the cup is too full? Not full enough? My tumbler hates me? Is Starbucks out to get me for all the times I’ve returned venti lattes cause they taste like hot milk simply sporting the color of coffee?

Alas, I’m left to ponder how to bypass this first dangerous sip.

Lately I’ve let it sit on the table with an open lid, hoping this will sabotage its heat source.

But then I’m left with cold coffee and where’s the fun in that?

If anyone has been successful in preventing taste bud death by Starbucks tumbler, please let me know!

Has this happened to you? Are you also a Starbucks tumbler victim?


6 thoughts on “Who wants a burnt tongue?

  1. I find it’s hard to get a drink at starbucks actually hot enough too burn my tongue — unless i remember to ask for it extra hot!

    but when dealing with super hot beverages, i always test it on my lip first. for some reason it is less susceptible to burning.

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