Anyone missing a mask?

A few days ago, before it started to snow, I came across this little conversation piece.

I just knew I had to snap a picture of it.

Do we sit on it, look through it, use it as a doorstop?

Someone please tell me what the heck this is for.

I can’t imagine anyone using this as part of their living room decor.

In any case, it makes for a good WTF Thursday blog entry!

Tell me what you think!


20 thoughts on “Anyone missing a mask?

    1. Out of the blue, in front of an interior decorator’s store so I can only guess they’re trying to pawn it off on some unsuspecting soul!

  1. I’m just looking at that thing and wondering if on the inside, there’s a level spot for setting a cushion so that you could sit in the face. It would make a bizarre piece for my yard right now!

  2. There are no words to describe how ugly this mask is…Only where you live would they put something so big in the middle of the sidewalk! LOL

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