Vintage Friday

cc licensed flickr photo shared by ToastyKen

Does this happen to you?

Have you ever been roused from your sleep at six o’clock in the morning with a man’s voice in your ear screaming , “Are there any clean socks?”

Bet you didn’t see that one comin’!

And so, as I performed a man hunt for any clean survivors, my mind travelled to the thought of…today’s blog post.

Which I’ve aptly centered around the theme of:

If I had a dollar for every time I…

~Have to run after the garbage truck dragging four bags of trash because even though it’s trash day, no one bothered to take it out.

~Have to do a recon mission to locate the remote for one of the two men that share my abode.

~Have to witness my significant other clicking away aimlessly on the remote.

~Have to take out the dog and it starts to rain.

~Have to come up with a dinner menu because the only suggestion the men in the house have is “I don’t know”.

~Have to hear, “Whatever” from the son every time I tell him he has to do something.

~Need to do a supermarket run because I’m missing more than half of the ingredients for a recipe.

~Fail to pick up the phone because it’s lost somewhere, most times, only God knows where.

~Have to wear a sweater that is full of dog hairs because someone wrapped the dog in it.

~Have to clean out whiskers from the bathroom sink.

~Have to plunge the toilet.

~Have to charge every single technological gadget in the house that requires charging.

~Have to stock the toilet paper.

If I had a dollar for every time I have to…

It’s your turn to fill in the blank. Let me know how you’d be a dollar richer in your home!


10 thoughts on “Vintage Friday

  1. If I had a dollar for everytime mu usband calls from Japan at my 5am his 9pm waking me up purposely when I am sleeping aughghghgghhhh

  2. I don’t wanna boast but I’ve got my husband trained. Takes out the trash, walks the dogs when I can’t, getting better at picking up his socks and even cleans up his whiskers! He just knows when I’m pissed (because I pull the silent treatment after pointing out the offending habit) and that does the trick. Also, there’s nothing worse than having a wife go on strike in the laundry department. The food, he can fend for himself, but the laundry…not a chance!

    1. Color me green, Rowena. No such luck here. The only way to get these men to do anything is through intimidation, blackmail and threats of not cooking. Sadly none of them know how to boil water! Grief.

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