What makes for a favorite thing?

I was ten years old when I saw the film, “The Sound of Music” for the first time.

I remember being enchanted by the song, “My favorite things.”

There was something magical in the knowledge that thinking of your favorite things prevented you from feeling bad.

A very creative child (toot toot), I substituted the lyrics and made up my own.

After all, it was my list of favorite things that lightened my mood and not the preferences of Julie Andrews.

Somehow at the age of ten bright copper kettles and brown paper packages tied up with string weren’t cutting it.

So instead, I would think of “thick bars of chocolate, tall glasses of milk, chocolate chip cookies and things made of silk.”

Last night I heard Julie’s tune when I stepped into a lift. It was almost a sacrilege to hear that this beautiful melody was being used as elevator music.

However, listening to it reminded me of how my made up lyrics had gotten me through the saddest, most confusing, and angry times in my life.

It was my personalized substitution of “going to a happy place.”

The elevator experience also created awareness of how much those “favorite things” have changed through the decades.

At the age of ten my favorite things included chocolate, all things shiny, arts and crafts, books, and Little Kiddles (anyone from my generation remember those?).

At the age of twenty items on my list were foreign films, all things made of brass, chocolate,  Bohemian style clothing, watermelon, tall and handsome men, Wrigley’s gum, and Al Pacino.

At the age of thirty it was chocolate, all things made of gold, tall and handsome men, Antonio Banderas, alfalfa sprouts, and hoop earrings.

Nearing forties the list  includes chocolate, tall and handsome men, all things made of platinum, diamonds, Antonio Banderas AND/OR Javier Bardem, Jelly Belly jelly beans, any item of clothing that accommodates my ass, and my dog Roxy.

It’s curious to note how the only constants in my life have been chocolate and tall, handsome men.

One which I have when I want and the other which I still continue to  dream about. You figure out which is which.

So today’s shout out goes out to favorite things that allow us to maintain our sanity, lift our spirits and make us smile.

What are some of your favorite things?


10 thoughts on “What makes for a favorite thing?

    1. It has the same effect on me. And I too, at times wish to be a child again but since that’s not possible, I let my inner child take center stage from time to time! :)

  1. My husband is a big softie when this movie comes on. It’s one of the only movies that gawd forbid anyone disturbs him. I think if he had some star wars toys to play with as he sits on the floor while watching he’d be in heaven. We all love it.

    1. Me too! You know, I feel kind of sad when I see it because I realize it’s how real films should be made and not the crap we have to pay 12 bucks to see nowadays!

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