18 thoughts on “Do you want your man to smell like the Old Spice Guy?

    1. Bernie, you have a point. However, if the significant other looked like the Old Spice Guy, I think I could past this little blip! :)

    1. You ladies are a riot! I can remember daddy wearing Old Spice when I was just a child and I don’t think I was ever fond of the scent. Why they want to re-introduce it into the market is beyond me!

  1. Douse the hubby in old spice from head to toe and close my eyes really really tight…nope, still wouldn’t work! lol

    Your post : red car, shotgun CRACKED ME UP! not sure why it made me laugh and still laughing so hard…Thanks:))))

    1. Like the equation of dad=Old Spice! I wonder if the marketing people at Old Spice realize the effect this is having on women! We might be on to something! :)

  2. If my man had those abs he could use Old Spice everyday, but because he doesn’t he is obligated to use Santos de Cartier lol hee hee

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