What do you want for Christmas?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by praise711

Me: What do you want for Christmas?

Significant Other: Oh, I don’t know, whatever.

Me: We are so not having the “whatever” conversation.

Significant Other: Then just get me something you think I’ll like.

Me: I think you might like Vivaldi’s Quattro Stagione, the boxed set.

Significant Other: In that case, get me socks.

Me: How are socks going to make you more cultured, more intelligent, and a better learner with improved memory skills and physical coordination?

Significant Other: How is classical music going to keep my feet warm, prevent me from having smelly feet or shoes or both and keep me from getting blisters?

Me: Fine. I guess I can buy one of those “Knitting for Dummies” books and knit you a pair.

Significant Other: You know what? The Vivaldi boxed set sounds like a lovely idea.

Me: Are you saying you don’t want a pair of socks I’m going to knit you myself; a gift that is handmade and comes from the heart?

Significant Other: How did we go from “What do you want for Christmas?” to you wanting to learn how to knit socks?

Me: This is the reason I don’t get you presents.

Significant Other: Now there’s a thought. Lets not get presents this year.

Me: OMG, do you hate the idea of me knitting you a pair of socks so much that you’re willing to skip presents all together?

Significant Other: Get the car keys. We’re going to the craft shop to buy you knitting needles.

Me: Vivaldi’s Quatro Staggioni it is.

Significant Other: Yay!


16 thoughts on “What do you want for Christmas?

  1. Why does this sound like conversations in our home – around birthdays? Thankfully we don’t do Christmas gifts….
    And what’s with that word ‘whatever’ that husbands so love – and wives react to?

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