Is dog really man’s best friend?

So on our walk this afternoon, Roxy and I noticed something: European men really do love their dogs.

Only one woman besides myself was walking her canine in the park today.

The rest of the furry creatures had males holding their leashes.

I took as many candid shots as I could before getting the evil eye from one less than “gentle”man.

Really, what did he possibly think I was going to do with the photos I was taking?

Surely not post them on my blog for all of you guys to see…Wrong!

So without further ado, I give you the collection, “A Man and His Dog.”

Oh, and the Significant Other is in one of the shots. You’ll identify him by Roxy’s butt. So be on the lookout for it!


22 thoughts on “Is dog really man’s best friend?

  1. I think a lot of men have dogs to attract women.
    If you can care for a love a pet, you could also love a human. You are responsible enough to care for another life. You have a cute conversation starter.

    Or, the man now has a reason as to why he can’t spend the night.
    So there is that to look out for as well.

  2. Nice shots! And had a good laugh at this line:

    “Oh, and the Significant Other is in one of the shots. You’ll identify him by Roxy’s butt.”

    Irreverent! :)

  3. From the female attention that my husband gets while walking the dogs (I walk several steps behind and pretend that I’m nobody), I’d say yes. The attention gets even better when the dogs are wearing cute coats.

  4. It must be any kind of man that loves his dogs except for the ones that live in my house….I am usually the one to make sure that everyone goes potty where they should….

  5. pretty photos bella! i agree, a dog can be a mans bestfriend. ive been telling my dad to get a dog. much better than his new girlfriend. sorry, is that bad? lol. oh well. ;-)

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