Just Because

Because there's more to twilight than vampires and werewolves.


8 thoughts on “Just Because

    1. OMG. Dee, that sounds like a traumatic experience. In all fairness to this photo though, these are not bats. They were a flock of birds that shot out in the direction of the moon and I managed to capture the shot. I’m happy with the way it turned out cause they do look kind of spooky and eerie with the moon as backdrop. Don’t you think? :)

  1. I dont what I would have done but then its been so long since anything has bitten me in the neck that maybe I would have appreciated been attaced by a couple of bats luv the pic Bella =)

    1. hee hee! You say that until you hear, “I vant to suck your blad!” and then you’re running for your life, woman! Thanks, chula!

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