Is the pajama party this way?

So as you guys know, I’ve been praying for the day when I’ll stop trying to pass off pajama pants for casual wear.

Today was not the day.

The minute I got out of the shower and peered into my closet, the royal blue pj pants with the turquoise colored stars beckoned to me.

Like a junkie incapable of refusing one more hit, I succumbed and threw them on.

An old, long-sleeved t-shirt, an even older polar fleece jacket, and a pair of eight year old Ugg boots completed my fashion statement.

I was one hot mess as I walked to the nearest drug store to pick up some much needed hygiene essentials.

Five minutes into my walk, a beautiful woman passed me.

I could swear she did a double take before giving me “the look.”

You know the one.

The WTF are you wearing look.

However, armed with my new-found confidence, I continued on my merry way.

Two blocks further into my walk, I saw a man walking on the other side of the street.

He was coming from the opposite direction, and as he came closer, he smiled.

And what did I do?

I did what any of you would’ve done had you been dressed in my garb: I turned around to see if he was smiling at someone behind me.

However, I was shocked to realize no one was there.

I saw him laugh as he waved goodbye.

I had to suppress the desire to do a fist pump and loudly say, “Yes!”

And so ladies, today marks another day where the universe sends out the message that it’s not the robe that makes the monk, baby!

Boy, am I grateful to live in a country where everyone walks, thus allowing these little chance encounters to take place.

But seriously, ladies, I’m going to have to stop wearing pajama pants in public.

It’s not funny anymore.

Anyone else try to pass off lounge wear for casual wear?


18 thoughts on “Is the pajama party this way?

  1. I don’t even own any pants like that… but they sure do look cozy!!! And I love random walking encounters, as long as they are not of the purse snatching variety!

    1. Danielle, how can you not own this basic staple? Although it might be better that you don’t. They seem to have an addictive quality! :)

  2. so next time i see a girl wearing PJs in public, ill know its u, lol. dont sweat it girl … i do that too … ssshhhh. ;-)

    and for the niki dress – i advice that u grab it in a size 1x. the waist part is elastic and i think itll go perfect w/ ure curves. hurry cuz theyre running out quick! ;-)

  3. Oooh I love my PJ”s and I so hear you when you say you wanna wear them everywhere ..we owe ourselves the luxury of comfort w/o having to think what others would think ..right ?? So you go girl ..

  4. once more, I’m laughing with your adventures!, and yes, I’ve worn a pj as an outfit (under a long coat!), and I thought it was a lovely outfit!! (tartan plaid pajamas, red-blue-white-yellow!), and I think your starry pants are gorgeous and funny!
    besos y risas!

    1. Oh Señora Allnut, you always seem to make my day with your intelligent comments! Tartan plaid under a coat? Sounds naughty and fun! :)

  5. I LOVE your pj pants! They look like an entire galaxy has decided to come out and shine upon me. I can totally understand why that man smiled at you, you brought the stars out in daylight!

    My night wear is kinda consisting with elmos and the most unflattering fabric and also dyed in patches by some other colour leaking garments so no amount of fab styling would ever make them right. So NO pj styling for moi!

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