Who’s in the mood for love?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by seyed mostafa zamani

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve done my first guest blog post!

I’m so excited and honored!

Woo hoo!

Priya, from My Reflections is doing what she calls “Love Bytes,” where she and blogger friends from all over the world blog about what love is.

Doesn’t it make you curious to read what “worldly” women have to say about that crazy, yet-to-be-defined, confusing, angst-provoking, makes-your-head-spin, endorphin flooding, sometimes great, sometimes pain, but better to have had once than never to have had at all emotion called L-O-V-E?

If you are, please head on over to Priya’s blog and check it out!

Oh, and please read my post!

And tell me what you think of it!

You’ll walk away knowing what love is from the “funny” side of the street!

Come on! I dare you!



18 thoughts on “Who’s in the mood for love?

  1. Loved what you wrote but don’t I always ?? …and here’s another one ..Love is about closeness ..not how close you are but how much closeness you can take ..hahahhahaha :D

    1. You have paid me the highest compliment, Señora Allnut! Sentimentality is overrated, don’t you think? I don’t have a “mushy” bone in my body, while the Significant Other has at least ten. He is always bothered by my lack of romanticism. I tell him that he can be Don Quijote and I’m happy being Sancho Panza. We both know who was the crazy one don’t we? ¡Risas!

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