Wanna see what I got?

I’m sure all of you who write blog posts have at one point or another received a phone call from a loved one asking, “What the hell where you thinking?” or “Do you really think your readers can relate?” or worst yet, “Do you really want to share that much information?”

This post is not going to prompt any of those questions, but as a mother knows her child, I give it an hour after I hit the “publish” button before the daughter calls or emails to ask, “Why are you posting pictures of that ugly, ratty thing?”

That ugly, ratty thing would be my new bag.

And I know exactly how I’m going to reply; with questions of my own.

I”m going to ask, “Can your Kate Spade open its jaws and hold twenty pounds of groceries while I walk three blocks back to the house?”

“Is your Coach eco-friendly and marketed as a “fair trade” product, part of the Fair Trade Program that strives to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged producers by paying them a fair price for their wares?”

Is your Burberry made of natural burlap fabric that is virtually indestructible?

Does your Michael Kors have a catchy little phrase emblazoned across the front encouraging folks to ‘Go Green’?”

If you haven’t answered yes to any of my questions, then yes, my nifty, practical bag deserves to be featured in a blog post, daughter of mine.

Ladies, I give you, the bag.

Ta da!

What do you think?

These bags are a way of life in Europe.

Where I live, there are no plastic bags available to customers upon check out.

Customers are expected to brings bags from home and in the event you need a dreadful plastic bag, you are expected to pay for it.

Jann, whose wonderful blog, Baroque Sicily, I read regularly, mentioned in one of her blog posts that Italy has now banned shops from handing out plastic bags. Click on her link if you want to read the article.

Personally, I love doing every bit I can to help the environment.

I’m fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood where every other Tuesday paper is picked up by the recycling truck.

When you walk down the street you can see how everyone has propped their boxes and other paper goods next to trees and lamp posts.

It doesn’t get any easier than this, folks.

Do any of you recycle? Do you use reusable bags?


20 thoughts on “Wanna see what I got?

  1. Ok…So I love your post, but I have to say that my Burberry’s, Michael Kors and Coach purses can easily hold 20 pounds of stuff without breaking. They already hold all of my crap which is pretty close to 20 punds. I would never give up my trendy bags for one that is made out of recycled material. And you were right abou me asking you about that ugly purse! I might just have to send you one :)

    1. Put your money where your mouth is, sister! Send it and I’ll bring it to the supermarket, stuff it, and put it to the twenty pound strength test!

  2. I do use reusable bags, and I love it! I agree with making people pays a small fee for plastic bags… but you know what I think should be outlawed? Bottled water. What a freaking waste.

    1. Tell me about it, Eschelle. There have been times I’ve had to carry the bread, the toilet paper and the paper towels under my arm cause they don’t fit in the bags I brought! :)

  3. Singapore is no big city of recycling seriously but we do have a man who comes door to door very frequently to collect old newspaper, clothes and electrical stuff and he is called the “karang guni man”. Whenever he is below a block of flats, he will sound a horn and shout “KARANG GUNI” so that residents can prepare for his arrival. We usually get peanuts for the stuff we sell him especially clothes!

    I also have a fake Anya Hindmarch bag that screams “I am not a plastic bag” but I am sure it is not a fair trade product and i am quite ashamed of it now!

    1. Aw Dee, I like the sound of the karang guni man! You always have something interesting to add to the mix. I love that about you!

  4. Aw, Bella, what a sweet surprise to see you mention my blog. Grazie! I love love your burlap bag, and I sure hope we start seeing similar ones here in Italy!

  5. Do you remember the I’m not a plastic bag” bag craze. I found that so obnoxious because it felt like people were getting it more to be hip then anything else. I love your bag. It’s not trying to be anything it’s not and does good in a humble way. I’m sure you rock it bella style.

  6. I’ve been on the eco-bag, no-plastic-thank-you mantra for years now and will never turn back. It just makes me sad to see plastic sacks strewn on the highway, but what’s worse is that people will still leave their freaking trash on the roadside. It’s as if they just can’t STAND the thought of keeping it in their car until they’re able to dispose of it properly, so they chuck it out the window.

    1. I agree, Rowena. There have been times when I have seen drivers or passengers throw things out the window and felt the urge to follow them like a crazy person all the while screaming, “You forgot your trash, you douche!” Seriously. I hate litterbugs.

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