How many days till Valentine’s Day?

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Me: I hope you realize Valentine’s Day is only three days away.

Significant Other: Yeah, so?

Me: So I haven’t seen you working on the love letter I asked you to produce as a profession of your undying love for me.

Significant Other: If you add “In the time of cholera” to the end of your sentence, it sounds more poetic.

Me: Do not attempt to use Gabriel García Márquez to sidetrack me.

Significant Other: Did it work?

Me: Almost. Maybe you should be using him for inspiration.

Significant Other: I’ll have you know I have plenty of inspiration.

Me: Yeah, right. This year you will not get away with plagiarizing cheesy verses from Hallmark.

Significant Other: Madam, you accuse me without proof.

Me: Have you forgotten how last year the security guard at the supermarket told me that if I gave him twenty euros, he’d give me the security footage of you copying the contents of a Hallmark card on your hand ?

Significant Other: You’re making that up.

Me: So what if I am? It could very well happen. You and I both know how your scheming, little mind works.

Significant Other: Good things come to those who wait and patience is a virtue, milady.

Me: Stop using that ridiculous British accent to spew out old sayings.

Significant Other: I thought you said it was hot.

Me: “Was” as in the past tense. Now are you working on my letter or not?

Significant other: I’ll never tell…(in a singsong voice)

Me: You realize that if you don’t come up with the romantic letter of the century, you have to wear a “post-it” on your forehead all day that says, “Mr. Darcy I am not”?

Significant Other: You realize that if I produce said letter, you have to cook those feta, spinach and caramelized onion stuffed chicken breasts you’ve been promising to make for the past nine years?

Me: Bring it.

Significant Other: Start looking for a recipe, woman.

To be Continued.


16 thoughts on “How many days till Valentine’s Day?

  1. You’re so funny, I’m laughing as a !
    I would never ask for Mr. Allnut to declare his undying love for me, except as an ironic remark, and we would laugh and joke a lot about it!
    I love how you write your pretty good anecdotes!, you’re really lovely!

  2. Mine is even more hopeless. I told him about wanting to celebrate Valentines and my wanting means we go out for dinner. He started to shiver and said how he cannot celebrate it because it is the Prophet’s birthday and that was when i realize how the word “celebrate” is different for me and him. For him, a “celebration” means an all-outer to really properly commemorate and for me “celebration” is a loosely-used term to have dinner and drinks.

    1. Then it’s time to rephase your petition and perhaps say you’d like to simply have dinner out and establish a “couple” tradition. Would that be okay, do you think? If all else fails, turn it into a girls’ night, woman! :) Valentine’s Day is celebrating love and that also means sisterly love!

  3. Significant Other should get a big gold star on his forehead (rather than a Post It) as a prize for his wittiness & good humor (and perhaps even be allowed a “Pass” on Valentine’s Day??).

    1. No can do, Jann. He has to cough up the letter or the post it goes! hee hee! But he says, “Grazie mile” for your intervention on his behalf!

  4. OOOOOO it is an epic romantic-faceoff! lol I love it, you are so funny, and I can so relate :))) Am exited to see what happens Monday!

    I realized I didn`t have you on my blogroll, sorry sweetheart, it is fixed now :) <3

  5. I’m eagerly waiting for the face off ..your significant other really seems keen on making you cook all those recipes ..only if its motivation enough to write you a love letter ..hahahaha ..loving this totally !
    P.S I think he already knows he’s losing this one :P

  6. It’s quite the reverse in my household! Hubby is the romantic, poetic one… and I am sooo not!

    On his FB wall on V-Day “Your love is the furnace in whose fire all my sorrows vanish and from which my greatest joys are forged”. Yeah, I got it like that! :D

    I posted Chaka Kahn’s “Ain’t Nobody”. I’ve been a great DJ, but a lousy poet!

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