Did I get a love letter today or not?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So ladies, did the Significant Other come through with writing a love letter for Valentine’s Day or did he have to wear a “post-it” on his forehead all day today?

Significant Other

What do you think?

Ta da!

Check out the Hello Kitty sticker!

Looks like I’ll be cooking feta, spinach and caramelized onion stuffed chicken breasts this weekend!

I’ve never been happier to lose a bet!

Were your Valentine’s Day wishes fulfilled?


30 thoughts on “Did I get a love letter today or not?

    1. haha! That’s the point! I will indeed post either the recipe of the link to the recipe. Deal? Maybe I’ll throw in a picture too! :)

  1. Wow ..I am so happy you lost the bet too :)
    The power of the written word will now make you slog it out in the kitchen but its all worth it ..looking fwd to the recipes and yup photos as evidence too ;) :P
    Happy Valentine’s day my friend !
    P.S I got surprised with roses ..yayyyyyyyy !!

  2. My heart is full of joy for you you bella I am so happy that you got the love letter, although i would of of written you one if it would of granted me a meal cooked by you here in Japan. How lucky and fortunate kudos. I am sure next year Valentines life will be better on my side of the world. =)

    1. Stay strong, Angie. Good things await you. I know they do. And I will cook you a meal should you ever be on my side of the world or I in yours!

  3. The Hello Kitty rocks! I got nothing because I’ve moved passed love letters, candy, jewelry and flowers to wanting a bigger house. I am not kidding, because this place now is too small to welcome another dog (or two), and another woofer is what I would’ve wanted for v-day. A Roxy look-alike would be fabulous, she’s the perfect size!

    1. Rowena, I can so see Mr. B and Ms. Maddie with another playmate! Roxy only weighs 4.8 kilos so that makes her the ideal small companion! Get yourself another pooch, woman! :)

    1. Hey girl! I love handwritten notes and letters. Email may be wonderful and all but nothing beats holding the real deal in your hand. Don’t you think?

  4. Woohoo!!! I had my doubts about him writing the letter, but I guess he knows better than to not give you what you want :) Love you!

  5. oh yeah, I’m so glad you really have a love letter from your significant other (You’ve got me intrigued!), and I wish you a funny adventure cooking that chicken breast: I’m actually waiting to see some snaps of how you keep your word!!!
    besos & chicken

    1. Ay Señora Allnut, now I’ve backed myself into a corner and have to make that darn chicken! It’ll have to be Sunday. ¿Que vamos a hacer? :) A bet’s a bet! Besos con pollo! haha!

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