Will you please cast your vote and help me decide?

The other day when I posted the picture of Roxy, the Son said, “Mom, don’t you think Roxy gets too much ‘prime time’ on your blog?”

I said, “Yes, but little Roxy’s my partner in crime. We do stuff together. It’s only fair that she receive a little star attention from time to time.”

“From time to time? She hogs more than three posts a month!”

To which I replied, “Then maybe I should get little Roxy her own blog.”

In pipes the Significant Other, “I thought you wanted to disperse the ‘myth’ that you need to get a life.”

“Mom, seriously. Have you lost it? Who’s going to read Roxy’s blog?”

The Significant Other chimed in, “Does this mean you’ll have even less time to cook a proper meal?”

Before I had a chance to answer, the son interrupted with, “Oh my God, shouldn’t our main concern here be that everyone in this family realize that Roxy’s a dog? D-O-G, dog?”

Through all of this, Roxy remained quite relaxed. And yet I could swear I saw a twinkle in her eye when she heard there was a possibility of her having her own blog.

Then it came to me! I’d ask my readers!

Because what you think matters!

So lovelies, in the event that I decide to turn myself into Roxy’s personal agent and run her blog, would any of you read it?

I’ve set up a poll that will allow you to cast a vote.

Thank you for your taking the time to do this!

22 thoughts on “Will you please cast your vote and help me decide?

  1. Being a dog owner/lover myself, I would love it if she had her own blog. The problem is…and you must take this into consideration…is that she may end up stealing your thunder if her “doggy voice” wins over your readers. Are you prepared to lose readership on One Sister’s Rant? Oh what to do, what to do, what to do!

    1. OMG, Rowena…I didn’t think of that! Now I find myself in a little pickle cause…you are wise beyond your years, woman. Hmmm…something to think about…:/

  2. You know how I feel! And your poll results show how everyone else feels. I promise to read both blogs….And tell the men in your life not to be so jealous of a harmless-little-butter-won’t-melt-in-her-mouth dog! :P
    Love ya (and Roxy!)

    1. Molly, it is incredible how many people actually take the time to do this! haha! But it’s quite cute to see the fur balls in their little outfits, in pictures, doing their own little OOTDs! :)

  3. I’m a dog lover, yes, but I think she’s gonna steal the show!!, beware of her sweet sights and furry appearance!
    And I’m a huge fan of that assorted posts you write: I would like to read about every anecdote you would like to write!

  4. Roxy ..yes I am all ears for what Roxy has to say .. esp about the men who think Roxy is just a D-O-G , dog ..
    and either ways I am here to stay and read all about you and Roxy ..xoxo

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