The results are in!

Hello Everyone!

As promised, here are the results to the poll:

40% of those who voted think Roxy should have her own blog and confirm that they will visit.
56% of those who voted prefer that Roxy’s posts continue to be included in this blog.
4% of those who voted prefer to not read any Roxy-related posts.

And so lovelies, your wishes are my command.

I have decided to please both groups.

I plan on creating a blog for Roxy in the near future where she will be the star, but have me as the narrator.

Said blog will only have Roxy-related anecdotes and pictures of her.

However, Roxy will continue to make appearances here on One Sister’s Rant.

My friend Una from Curvy Everyday said it best: “You can’t break up Roxy and Bella. It’s a package deal.”

I hope this meets with everyone’s approval!

I will offer details to Roxy’s blog as soon as it is ready to launch.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts!

Almost forgot! I just remade the button for One Sister’s Rant. It features little Roxy.

Feel free to steal one and place it on your blog if you’d like!

You can grab the code from the sidebar on the right.

This it what it looks like:

Once again, thank you for your participation! I am very grateful!

14 thoughts on “The results are in!

    1. Curvy lady, we are most grateful! But remember, it’s still a work in progress. Following your suggestion, Roxy will continue to make her usual appearance! :)

  1. Bella,

    I think Roxy is a hit!
    We can’t lose her here! We’d miss her terribly.

    And yes, like Curvy says, i’ts a package deal. You get Bella and you get Roxy! Win win haha

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