The evidence is in!

Ladies, I’m a woman of my word and this weekend, after tirelessly looking for a spinach stuffed chicken recipe, I finally found one I liked.

It was not only simple to follow, but the finished product was appealing to both the eye and the taste buds.

Have a look!

I found the recipe on Jenny Mac’s Lip Smack food blog.

The ingredients are probably things you already have on hand and the cooking time is short.

I can’t believe how moist the chicken turned out or how tasty the spinach filling was.

Broccoli salad and a baked potato seasoned with a light sprinkling of seasoning salt and a drizzle of olive oil completed our meal.

Click on Jenny’s link if you want to try it out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

The Significant Other was happy as a clam as he tucked into his stuffed chicken breast. I was relieved to finally pay off my Valentine’s Day bet.

How yummy does this look?


18 thoughts on “The evidence is in!

  1. Bella!
    MAMA MIA…thata looks gooda (said with a really bad italian accent). Seriously I am craving me some spinach and chicken now….I love fashion pictures, but I also love food pictures…of course I love eating more! Glad your valentine bet was fun to pay off!

    1. Jann, we not only had the baked potato, but broccoli salad as well! :) In all fairness, the Significant Other’s chicken breast is the one that is featured in the photo and his was the biggest! The man has an appetite. Lucky for him he’s been blessed with a speedy metabolism. Some people have all the luck! :)

  2. lady, you’re discovering the wonderful world of cooking!, ;D, and I think it’s a real success, so I congratulate !
    Actually I’m going to experiment this recipe: it seems to be easy and tasty, and I’m a huge fan of both qualities!

    1. Señora Allnut, you would not believe how easy this recipe is! The hardest part was stuffing the chicken breast, so easy peasy! The secret is in seasoning the chicken beforehand. I like a little bit of extra kick in my food. Let me know how it goes!

  3. The way through a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach ..and methinks you’ve bowled him over ..he did good to win the bet !!
    Also I love the recipe and boy does it look delicious ..I would have cooked it right away if not for the ingredients :( but soooon my friend ;)
    Any other food bets :P ?

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