Is spring almost here?

Something wonderful happened to Roxy and me today!

We woke up to a bright and sunny day.

Finally, after a week of constant, drizzling rain, the great ball of fire in the sky decided it was time to make an appearance.

We couldn’t be happier.

We took off on our walk right after breakfast.

Just Roxy, my camera, and me.

In spite of the sunshine, we dressed warmly because it’s still very cold .

Nevertheless, we had pep in our step as we chanced upon certain clues that “spring is in the air!”

Here are some of the lovely things we saw:

Don't you love it when you can see a leaf unfolding like this?
These little droopy guys filled one neighbor's yard.
This little fellow was so at peace that even Roxy couldn't couldn't shake him!
Ah crocus...the true herald of spring.
A single bud yet it commands such presence.

What have you witnessed that tells you spring is near?


18 thoughts on “Is spring almost here?

  1. Beautiful pictures.
    I have not witness one damn thing that tells me its Spring. I suppose I would have t leave the house and walk. *shudder* I’ll just enjoy your signs. :)

  2. A foot of snow? Does that count? Though I do live in Wisconsin. Spring doesn’t normally peek it’s weary head until, oh, say, June. Where do you live that you are seeing these lovely harbingers of spring?

    1. Jess, a foot of snow still? Now it’s my turn to shudder! I am in Europe but don’t let the photos fool you cause it’s still freezing out. However, it doesn’t prevent the birth of new plants, and for that I’m glad!

  3. Lovely photos Bella! Doesn’t it feel so good to get a glimpse of the near future? And thank you for sharing today over at my place; I’m feeling for you!

    1. I love Spring too! Like you mention, it’s the rebirth of everything and I love seeing the new flowers, baby farm animals, new leaves, and so forth!

    1. Haha, Dee! Love the wound up dog comment! Come on, get a dog! You won’t regret it. Think of it as your personal trainer–a cheaper version! :)

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