How do you know you’re a member?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by EgnaroorangE

My son was six years old when he strolled through the doors of my sister’s house, whom we happened to be visiting at the time, and announced that he needed “tools.”

Assuming he meant play tools, my sister and I both made a grab for the Fisher Price tool box.

Giving us a look of disgust, he rolled his eyes and said, “And what am I supposed to do with this? I mean, “real” tools; the kind you use to build a fort.”

Curious I asked, “Who’s building a fort with you?”

Exasperated he said, “Mom, I’m in a club and we’re building a club house, or fort, or whatever you call it.”

“A club? Who else is in the club?”

“You know, kids that live around here and the cousins (his generic way of referring to my nephews).”

“And are all of you members of the club?”


“And how do you know this?

“Mom, I just know, okay? Can I have some tools now?”

Fast forward thirteen years and in what seems like a completely unrelated event, the very thoughtful Una from Curvy Everyday has the sweet gesture of writing a blog post about my blog’s first anniversary.

And she includes the phrase “Circle of Bloggers” in her title post.

As I scream, woot woot, and dance around the house with Roxy to the dance video she’s included in her post, the son comes downstairs and asks what the ruckus is about.

I beam with pride and show him Una’s post.

As he reads the posts he asks, “Circle of Bloggers? What’s that?”

“It’s a group of people who blog, honey.”

“You mean, like a club or something?”

“Something like that.”

“And how do you know you belong to this ‘Circle of Blogger’ club?”

“I just do.”


16 thoughts on “How do you know you’re a member?

  1. Ohhhh, you are one of the cool kids!! That would have made my day to. You know you made it as a blogger girl!! Congrats!! She did a nice post about you.

  2. Bella,
    I think that you should start your own club. Women who have been man handled by Mr. Meaty Hands! (mammogram post). I however don’t want to be in this club as I don’t like the rites of initiation. I am going to start my own club called the Bazommbly Wombly Club, for women whose tits are on downward trajectory, towards the knees. Congrats for being part of the “in” crowd!

  3. Georgia, hahahaha!! Good one! Love it! I think I will soon be joining the Bazommbly Wombly Club! As for the “in” crowd, we’re all in it, lady. After all, as bloggers we’re all in the Circle of Bloggers! :)

    1. You are top dog in the circle, Corinne! One of the CEO’s I’d say! And now we are three members in Georgia’s club! Anyone else want to join??? hee hee!

  4. Señora Allnut. I’m so happy to make you laugh! I aim to please but you already know that! I thought the video Una posted was hysterical! I had to laugh as I danced to it! Besos!

  5. This is a nice post she did! I laughed and I was touched for you! You deserve it!
    Sorry I am late but, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
    We LOVE U!

    1. Cute, huh? I thought it so fitting, especially since it encompasses all of us who blog because we love it; because we want to share our thoughts and what we have to say. So glad you liked it!

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