When did you last see a butterfly?

Roxy and I took a beautiful spring walk today.

To make the day even more special was the fact that it was a day of “firsts.”

It was the first time since autumn that it was warm enough for Roxy to leave the house without a coat.

It was the first time since forever that I was donning sunglasses.

And it was the first time in spring that we got to see butterflies.

Two beautiful butterflies made Roxy’s acquaintance as she sniffed one of the park benches.

One of them came so close to her, it almost perched itself on her back!

The first one was a Monarch butterfly and looked something like this:

and the second one, which I hadn’t seen in a while, looked something like this

How I love butterflies!

My love for butterflies started when my nana told me of their tragic fate.

I believe I was seven at the time.

“Aren’t they beautiful, Bella?”

I nodded my head.

Nana then said, “It’s such a pity that most of them die after only a month.”

I was so saddened to hear this, I cried the rest of the afternoon.

It made me sad to ponder how unfair it was; after such a long process of transformation; for the butterfly to just die.

It seemed so meaningless; so wasteful.

In my mind, something as grandiose as the ability to metamorphose into a butterfly deserved the reward of eternal life.

Yet the butterfly’s short life cycle led me to believe I had to feel sorry for it; that I had to be sad because of its impending demise.

However nana dispelled these notions.

She explained that a butterfly wasn’t to be pitied, it was to be admired.

And because they lived such a short time, we only had a small window of time to admire their beauty.

More importantly, because the butterfly chooses who it will reveal itself to, it’s considered good luck to catch a glimpse of one.

Such a sage, my nana!

So imagine my joy today to catch a glimpse of not one but two, beautiful butterflies!

And so friends, I believe I will take this as a sign of great things to come.

I think nana would agree.

When did you last see a butterfly?

Note: Butterfly illustrations done by me. :)


23 thoughts on “When did you last see a butterfly?

  1. I love the drawings! I think its been a while since I last saw you drawing something, like when you used to draw the posters for your classroom… I saw 3 butterflies in a purple bush I have in the backyard and they were all so pretty and kind of looked liked yours :)

    1. You mean the hortensias? I love those! Remember when we played Taboo in the backyard? :) I think it’s sweet you remember my drawings!

  2. We’ve been keeping our eyes open for butterflies here but so far, only bees. What I’d really like to come across is a hedgehog….they are so cute! One more thing….do I see an art blog popping up soon? ;-)

    1. hee hee! An art blog! Cute, Rowena! I have a great idea for a fabulous chef like you…a food blog! Come on! It would be an absolute hit! :) I have never seen a hedgehog! How cute!

  3. Beautiful butterflies Bella. Last I have seen (before yours) is last summer…1000 years ago :)

    So, thank you for yours. And please reward the members of your club with more of your drawings.

    1. Esther-May, aww…you really like them? I took me forever to work the decrepit, one hundred year old scanner the Significant Other has in the computer room. but I finally got it running in order to scan my little drawings. After all of your nice words, I’m so glad I did!

  4. You have so many talents mia Bella! I have not seen a butterfly yet, but I am starting to hear the birds sing again in the morning. I agree with the childrens book idea, I can see it now soft watercolor prints, and your wise nana’s words.

    1. You would NOT want me to illustrate anything, I have no talent for art. Thankfully I live with my own personal graphic artist, so any art needs I have are taken care of by him. YOU, should illustrate…I loved the drawings, but your shining talent is your writing.

    1. hee hee! You don’t have to apologize, lovely girl! I’m happy you like my posts! :) I love your blog–I get inspiration for fashion, for cooking, for music, all in one place! :)

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