Chocolate or Manolos?

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The day before last, I blogged about the detrimental effects of trying on a swimsuit.

However, due to the catastrophic results of said endeavor, today I’ve decided to assume a laissez-faire attitude and say, “To hell with it all.”

I’ve also decided it’s time I practice some well deserved self-indulgence.

But it’s been so long, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what indulging is all about.

As I dwell on possibilities, I smile as part of me wishes it were as simple as pulling a “Carrie Bradshaw.”

Because if this were the case, self-indulgence would simply mean purchasing a pair of Manolos.

Yet I realize how unlikely this option is for the following reasons:

1) I don’t have the cash that Manolo wants for his “creations” and last time I checked, it’s illegal to sell a kidney on Ebay.

2) The last time I wore a pair of heels was to my prom, which more than likely means I won’t remember how to walk in a pair of Manolos if I wanted to.

3) There are cobblestone streets that stretch out to a ten-mile perimeter of where my home is located, which increases the possibilities that at least one of the Manolos will meet its untimely death before making it to the first block.

4) I’m certain the places I frequent will find it less strange to see me wearing a bathing suit to their establishment than a pair of Manolos.

5) Pajama pants + Manolos? Need I say more?

6) Manolos are drastically overrated; after all, they’re just shoes.

Yes people, you read correctly. They’re just shoes.

All this considered, I had to find another way to indulge.

That’s when I came across the recipe that produces these babies.

Now these are not your average, flat, run of the mill, chocolate chip cookies.

These are the “mother” of chocolate chip cookies.

They are moist, decadent, chunky, and above all, allow you to indulge.

Because what’s life if you can’t indulge, in moderation, from time to time?

So today, if you feel a “to hell with it” attitude coming on, if you’re ready to indulge your sweet tooth, and could give a rat’s ass about Manolo or his shoes, then by all means, mix up a batch of these.

You can find the recipe at Judy’s Kitchen.

And ladies, as you’re happily downing these with a glass of cold milk, go ahead and laugh at Carrie Bradshaw for thinking self-indulgence means purchasing a pair of Manolos.


30 thoughts on “Chocolate or Manolos?

  1. manolos are overrated!!, yes! (I would like to watch this printed it on a t-shirt!! ) and I think nothing compares to a delicious chocolate cookie (well, pure chocolate indeed!)
    And I agree with you: they’re just shoes. And I will never buy a pair of shoes if I can’t walk in them!
    besos & choco!

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Mrs. A! Give me chocolate over Manolos any day of the year! Hear, hear! Besos y choco! :)

  2. I never buy shoes that I can’t walk in… anymore. I stopped last month. But honestly, I didn’t know I couldn’t walk in them because I purchased them online (which I will NEVER EVER do EVER again). I love my feet too much to put them through that much stress.

    Holy Steampunk! The cookies look so droolicious.

    1. Laura, I’m skeptical about buying shoes and clothes online due to the fact that in the past, my experiences with online shopping have been lousy. I’m with you on loving my fee too much to put them through any kind of stress. Imagine, they have to hold up this bootylicious body of mine, all day every day, so much care has to go into making sure they’re not stressed out! :)

  3. I’m with you, Bella, about not giving “a rat’s ass” as you so delicately put it, about Manolos. I’m not quite on the Birkenstock end of the spectrum yet–but inching in that direction. And we still have 2-3 months before we actually have to model the bathing suit in public, don’t we? So meanwhile, let us eat cookies!

    1. Oh Jann, Io voglio mangiare biscotti anche! :) And while I’m not a fan of Birkies, I am a fan of anything that is comfortable and doesn’t make me writhe in agony. :)

    1. Judy, you’re very welcome! Thank you for the great recipe! It made me and the folks that share my abode very happy! :)

  4. I’m baking these cookies with the intention of eating them! And thanks to Holy Judy :)
    Green Peace might be back to save the whale in a bathing suit again…

    1. Esther-May, you’re a riot, girl! Go and bake yourself some cookies, if only for today. Tomorrow you can walk it out, or jog it out or out it out any way you want but today is Saturday and you’re worth it! I’m out of Judy’s recipe cookies but thank goodness the Daughter sent me some of those cookies those little girl scouts sell! :)

  5. bella, you’re killing me here! i also rarely wear heels (but have recently discovered how useful WEDGES are for the cobblestones near MY home) and am drooling over that recipe because i’ve given up chocolate for lent. 40 days is a long time. thanks for this post, girlfriend!

    1. Nikki, I wish I had the fortitude to give up things for lent as well. My mom does it every year and every year I get asked, “What are you giving up for lent, Bella?” So I’m praying she doesn’t see your comment! hee hee! And giving up chocolate for 40 days? You’re nothing short of a hero, sister! :)

  6. Bella,
    I love shoes, and I love chocolate. Depending on the day I love one of them more. I could never walk in Manolos though, and the very cheap part of me would not pay those prices. Today, I am lovin chocolate, as I veg on my couch in old jeans, a ratty tshirt and hair that needs a comb. You always have such timely posts.

    1. Georgia, I’m happy to oblige! And I’m happy to hear you’re kicking back, relaxing and indulging in some chocolate! I don’t know you but chocolate seems to make my problems go away…even if temporarily! :)

  7. Unfortunately I’ve adopted a very capitalist way of rewarding myself which is to get myself pretty clothes! It’s kinda bad because then I make excuses to reward myself all the time.

    Did the laundry? Check. – one dress
    Climbed two flights of stairs? Check – one top
    Read my blogfeeds? Triple Check – Bought the whole sales rack down

    This is bad.

    1. Oh Dee! When I said self indulge, I meant from time to time….it sounds to me like you’ve got a good reward system going on here and I want in! hee hee! I cooked tonight. What do I get? :)

    1. I’ve added your name to the evergrowing “team cookie” list! It’s great that there are so many women out there who see eye to eye. What a beautiful thing! :)

    1. I hear you and I second you! That’s what I thought when I saw the recipe! Which was funny cause I’d never seen coffee as part of any chocolate chip cookie recipe!

    1. Then lady, your love for chocolate strong cause I don’t know…my Chuckies or chocolate? Lets hope it never comes to that!

  8. Manolo’s are non fattening though, I’d rather be seen in mine than with a choco smile on my face no matter how delish it would be :)

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