What’s another word for happy?

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It was a few days before I was to send Corinne the guest blog post I was writing and I requested my family provide me with some assistance. This is the dinner conversation that ensued as a result of said request.

Me: Can anyone think of another word for “happy?”

Son: Ecstatic. As in, “I’d be ecstatic if you passed the potatoes.”

Significant Other: I got nothing. Can you pass the corn?

Me: How difficult can it be for both of you to pretend, for one day, that you’re not the village idiots?

Son: Just use the online thesaurus.

Me: We’re having dinner. That’s not an option now.

Significant Other: What does a synonym for happy have to do with dinner?

Me: Nothing. Forgive me for thinking one of you was capable of eating and having neural activity at the same time.

Significant Other: (murmuring) Dopey, Doc, Grumpy…

Me: What the hell are you doing?

Son: He’s calling off the names of those midgets.

Me: Don’t you mean dwarfs?

Son; You say “potato,” I say “potato.”

Me: Are you using the names of the seven dwarfs as a reference?

Significant Other: It’s more than either of you are doing.

Me: Unbelievable. One college student and one white collar professional and neither can come up with a different word for happy.

Significant Other: How ’bout gay?

Son: I think that word has a different connotation since you last used it sixty years ago.

Me: (singing) I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay.

Significant Other: Pass the fish please.

Son: Mom, stop already.

Me: You’re just jealous cause you’re never going to be a contestant on “American Idol.”

Son: By the sound of it, neither are you.

Significant Other: Can you pass the potatoes, please?

Me: I still don’t have a synonym for happy.

Son: How about psyched?

Significant Other: As in psychic or psychiatric, as in the help you both need?

Son: Sorry. Forgot the vast age difference. Lets just go with gay.

Me: I know! Joyful.

Significant Other: If you have the answer, why do you ask for help?

Son: Great. You win. We lose. Pass the corn.

Me: I keep hoping that someday one of you will have a clue.

Significant Other: We have that board game.

Son: I think she’s referring to our intelligence level but good one.

Me: Don’t you mean lack of?

Son: Whatever. Can you pass the butter?


20 thoughts on “What’s another word for happy?

    1. Sherry, I”m glad I’m not alone and there’s more of you out there having these kooky conversations! I’m sure yous are just as funny. Care to share? :)

  1. HAHAHAHA. Oh so hilarious! I know I have funny mealtime convos with my husband, but I always forget the exact words exchanged. That’s essential for me because I’m not a good story-teller, and whenever I try to re-create a scene, I always end up butchering it.

    1. Laura, after living with these characters for as long as I have, you develop the ability to memorize their “punch lines.” And then you take your revenge by publising them in a blog post! The minute we had this conversation the Significant Other said, “We just made it into a blog post, didn’t we?” They sure did! :)

    1. Oh Corinne, you have no idea! The post to your blog prompted the two men that I live with to be in Steve Martin mode…to the tenth power! :) Thanks for that! hee hee!

    1. Jann, some days they are and some days, believe it or not, hardly a word is spoken! I think it depends on the day and the mood!

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