What do you mean, I have to lose weight?

Yesterday Roxy was feeling a bit under the weather.

It appears too much play in the sun made our little miss queasy and a bit tired.

As a result, I thought it best to adjust her diet and allow her to rest.

However, the day was so beautiful that I was itching to get outside and enjoy a well deserved break from house chores.

I was ecstatic when the Son told me he’d watch over Roxy while I went out for a bit.

Happily, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.

The warm sun felt great and I decided to change the route I usually take with Roxy.

As I strolled in the forest, this is what I encountered.

His owner tells me that this handsome canine is ten kilos overweight and the vet has him on a special diet.

He also has to exercise more.

However, it seems that neither of these recommendations have been well received by our furry friend.

As a result, he refuses to do what his owner asks.

As her and I chatted about his situation, he was content to sit next to his ball without so much as moving a paw.

And yet he was panting as if he’d run a marathon.

Having wanted a Golden Retriever since I was a child, I was captivated by his shiny, smooth coat.

Nevertheless, dogs this size need large homes that will allow them to roam freely.

So, if you consider how tiny Roxy is, you’ll have an idea of just how small my home is as well.

But hey, nothing says a woman can’t dream. Right?

Some day Roxy may just have a playmate like this one.

And when that day comes, it’ll mean I’m living in larger digs.

In the meantime, I’m content to snap photos of this handsome fellow.

What kind of dog do you have at home?


18 thoughts on “What do you mean, I have to lose weight?

  1. Oh, how handsome. I can’t tell if he needs to loose weight. But he sure is pretty.
    We have an 81 lb. Catahoula Mix. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catahoula_Cur
    Ours doesn’t have the leopard spots. She loves to fight with our white cat Luke. Its funny as heck to see our cat stand on his back legs and pound the dog on the top of her head. They love to keep each other amused. Sadly, she is very dog reactive, people reactive, leaf reactive……….she came off an Indian reservation. But we love our Scoobie anyway.

    1. OMG Bernie, I do admire your adventurous spirit of having a dog and a cat in the house! I love the names Scoobie and Luke. Thanks for sending the link. Now I was able to see your doggie’s breed. :)

    1. Mrs. Allnut, are you dreaming of a big dane because you’re dreaming of a big house or just because you like big dogs? :) I’m afraid a big Dane would scare Roxy Lee…and me! hee hee!

  2. OK Bella, are you ready for this? We are a 5 dog household. Yes, 5. I know, we are on crack. I had 2 (Boxer-Pit Bull mix and Chihuahua-Japanese Chin mix) and Jay had 2 (Blue Heeler and Australian Kelpy) when we got married. Then we adopted my parents’ dog (Australian Shepard) for various reasons that I will not bore you with. The oldest is 15 and the youngest is 9. We’ve had each one since puppyhood. So, there you go. Sheer and utter madness. :)

    1. OMG, Heidi! It’s like you need another job just to maintain the furry friends in your domicile! Surely they don’t all sleep inside? If a dog’s size is the measurement of your home, then you’re surely living in a mansion! hee hee! This reminds me of my mom and her love for dogs. The most we’ve had is three at a time but she always said, “The more, the merrier!”

  3. Bella, they do all sleep inside, but downstairs in the “dog area” i.e. the finished basement. And yeah, the house isn’t nearly big enough for all of us, though we do have a third of an acre where they can spread out during the day!

    1. Woman, I wish I had a third of an acre where I could spread out during the day! :) Lucky doggies. By the way, Roxy says she wants to move in with you and the rest of the clan!

  4. Me and hubs have been talking about getting ourselves a lil baby since forever and I always think we never have enough space coz I’ve always wanted a Golden retriever / Labrador ..time to rethink , eh ?
    Also the more of Roxy I see , the more I love ..

    1. Priya, when you say a “lil baby” I’m assuming you mean a puppy dog or a real baby? I vote for both! :) I think Golden Retrievers and Labradors are sublime. They’re so loving. But little Roxy is so cute, you just want to eat her up with a spoon! hee hee! I”m glad you feel the same way!

    2. For a moment , you sounded like my mom :P
      She’s convincing me to have both, albeit in her choice of preference and I don’t need to tell you what that is ;)
      The truth is I can’t wait to have either ..lets see who comes first !!

  5. I am so laughing at this post because it is exactly what I have, or had, in mind when my dumb internet went on the blink 2 days ago. Me and the kids were out walking and somewhere a voice called out “blah, blah, blah, dimagrire eh?”. I am in my own little world while out for a walk so I didn’t catch the first part of what the old lady said, but I clearly understand the end. Lose weight? What you talkin’ ’bout Willis? Are you talking to ME or my DOG? So I look at the westie (’cause the doxie is too skinny anyway) and tell her, “Hey, that little old lady just called you fat.” Better get walkin’, sister.

  6. bella! my roxie had to go on a diet recently – which she did remarkably well with. she was, like your blonde friend, a bit grumpy/stubborn while on it. but definitely the funniest/saddest part was when charlie, our big guy, would drop one tiny piece of food, she’d practically knock over his food stand to gulp it down. no chewing even, seriously. love this post!

    1. Nikki, poor Roxie on a diet! I hope she lost the weight and is now off it! :) I had to smile at her antics at getting Charlie’s crumbs! I’m so happy you like the post!

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