Look down and what do you see?

Inspired by yesterday’s exercise of “looking up,” Roxy and I set out today to see what we could discover while “looking down.”

This was new even for me, since the only times I look down are when going down steep stairs or when looking at Roxy.

Funnily enough, I attribute my refusal to cast my peepers downward to nana.

She was always emphatic in reminding us that a woman should always hold her head high, and look down only when she ran the risk of breaking her neck otherwise.

Ironically, back in high school, following nana’s advice allowed my friend Artur to find a hundred dollar bill on the ground; one which sadly, I had walked over just two seconds before.

Thank you, Nana.

But I digress.

Roxy and I set out this afternoon on the mission to spy pretty things and not the usual garden variety of trash and other nasty objects you often see on the ground.

This is the first things we saw:

A few houses down the road we spotted this:

We also discovered this

Reflection of the trees in the water.

and this:

Broken glass that in the sunlight resembled huge diamonds.

Finally on our way home, we were delighted to spot a butterfly exactly the same as the one I wrote a blog post about not so long ago.

I feel that today taught us that looking down also provides an opportunity to discover wondrous things.

What did you last see when looking down?

22 thoughts on “Look down and what do you see?

  1. Oh, I so love tulips!! Those are so pretty.
    My grandma was the same way. What a wonderful way for you and Ms. Roxy to spend your walk. Looking down and seeing what you can see.

  2. love your photos!, so pretty to watch a piece of beautiful Real Life!
    And I would be honored if you put any of my photos in your blog, just pick one!. Sorry if I don’t answer my mail, I’m out of usual routine!
    besos y estaré encantada de que uses alguna foto en tu blog, muchas gracias por todo!

    1. Thank you, Señora Allnut! Le enviaré la foto a Anika para que la incluya en el post de “spreading the love.” Al no ser un “fashion blogger,” pensé que lo ideal sería incluir fotos de las chicas que me inspiran con su estilo! ¡Gracias! :)

  3. A couple years ago, I had a student job for the summer. When I started the job it was spring. One morning I came across a flower growing between the asphalt of the sidewalk. The place it was growing in was a place it couldn’t survive. Every morning that I would pass by, I contemplated the flower and thanked her for being there, especially on monday mornings, when you don’t really feel like working. On my last day of work, at the end of summer, the flower died. I felt greatful because she accompanied me through the summer. When a person can appreciate those simple things, they are on the road of happiness!

    1. That is just the most beautiful anecdote I have heard in a while, lady! Thank you for sharing that! I love how you say, “When a person can appreciate those simple things, they are on the road of happiness.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

    1. Corinne, you are the sweetest person ever! And yes, you’re right. I am blessed to live in a place where so much beauty abounds. Or maybe I make a point of looking for it? Either way it’s a win win! :)

  4. There’s nothing more beautiful than nature itself .. lovely pics B :)
    and guess what I saw yday when I was coming back from class – an unkempt man sitting on the sidewalk tying his shoelaces but wearing a tee that read ” I’m a Keeper ”
    .. sure ..a keeper of uncleanliness … hahahaaha :D

  5. I like the pictures and agree with your thinking. Some of the best photos I have taken resulted from me just slowing down a little and taking a moment to look around. A simple thing, but so easy to forget.

    1. Mike, so true. It’s often we miss the details for not taking “a moment” to collect ourselves and take in our surroundings. Thank you for commenting!

  6. Bella I learned to look down (where you plant your feet) a long, long time ago. It’s not only the tiny little Lego pieces (ouch!) that my son used to leave all over the place, or that patch of slick oil on the floor at the restaurant (there she goes!), but also for the fact that I HAVE found money (10’s, 20’s). These days, especially if I’m in Milan, I always look down….some people are just plain lazy and don’t pick up after their dogs….

    1. Rowena, I have yet to spot a 10 or a 20 or any denomination but I have to say that your findings encourage me! :) I’m lucky that there are fines where I live if you don’t pick up dog poop so even though some people still try to get away with leaving it, for the most part it’s not as bad.

    1. Lynn, I think that’s what my nana was talking about when she said there are times you must look down in order to avoid breaking your neck! :)

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