Just because

Because sometimes all you need is a beautiful place where you can sit and listen to yourself

and other times, all you need is coffee

Do you do either or both of these?


14 thoughts on “Just because

    1. I agree, Mrs. Allnut, sometimes a walk is more revitalizing but I think I’d rather have coffee than be revitalized! :) Doesn’t Roxy look at peace? Sometime I think she thinks she’s human! hee hee!

  1. Bella, you have some pretty hairy legs. So brave of you to put them on display like that!

    Totally kidding, I know they’re your man’s. Anyway, yes. I love relaxing with a cup of really good espresso… and then enjoying nature right after!

    1. Louise, you’re so cute! And you make me laugh! You and I must be kindred spirits because I too am the lover of coffee and nature, together, one after another or one before the other. I guess the order doesn’t matter as long as I get them both! And yes, those would be the legs of the Significant Other, who loves napping in the sun! ;)

  2. I have not done nearly enough relaxing lately as I’m embroiled in … well I won’t go into that. But coffee, yes, I’ve been drinking plenty! Don’t you love when they serve chocolate with your coffee? That’s the best!

    1. Jann, you tease, what are you embroiled in? Do tell! :) I absolutely love when they give me chocolate and coffee! On this occassion, given it was Easter, we got chocolate eggs! :)

  3. I love that picture of the trees. I want to go there. *pout* I get coffee every morning from our local coffee shop. Only it has to be in a paper cup to take back to work. boo hiss!

    I left an an award for you and Ms. Roxy on my blog this morning.

    1. Bernie, coffee in a paper cup? Oh no! Although it is the Starbucks way and look how popular they are! Go figure! I am rushing right over to your blog to see my award! You are too kind! Thank you! :)

  4. Need both… great photos. I love the first one, the lone road with the trees – I can feel my mind wondering now. I needed a little inspiration tonight. Thanks, Bella

    1. I’m so happy you liked the post, Brenda! I also find myself deriving inspiration from certain photos. Thanks for visiting! :)

    1. Hi Laura! My little camera is a simple point and shoot but I like the photos it takes. (Gosh I wish I had one of those gorgeous DSLRs!) The one I have is a Sony Cybershot DSC-W290. As for needing the cuppa, me too! :)

    1. Rowena, I agree. I have to have coffee or I go into extreme caffeine withdrawal and the migraines set in. I guess I should be happy I love java so much and more importantly, that we have a beautiful Italian ice cream shop in the neighborhood that sells beautiful espressos! As for the weather, you’re right. We are currently enjoying beautiful sun. I’m praying it will stay this way! :)

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