Are you beautiful?

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My sister called me today (did I mention we call each other every day?) and said, “So, did you do it?”

“Do what?” I said.

“Don’t play crazy with me, bitch. You said you would.”

“It’s stupid. We’re too old for this crap.”

“We’ll never be too old for it and you know it. Go in the bathroom and do it, or you can forget about calling me for the next six months.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

“No, you are. Go in there and do it. Or, are you afraid? Come on, I dare you.”

That’s all it took. A dare. She knew me well.

I walked into the bathroom, paused before the mirror and said, “I’m beautiful”.

One, two, three… nothing.

I said it again, “I’m beautiful”.

This time I smiled.

I won’t lie to you; I felt like a dumb ass.

One, two, three…louder now, “I’m beautiful!”

I started to giggle.

“I’m beautiful!”.

I pursed my lips like a duck the same way my son’s girlfriends do on Facebook.

I started to laugh at the silliness of it all and realized she was right.

My sister was right; loving yourself begins by accepting who you are, flaws and all.

Loving yourself entails self acceptance, honoring who you are, and more importantly, recognizing that you are unique.

There is no one else like you.

“I’m beautiful. I’m beautiful..,” my chant continued, this time followed by a little spin.

And then, a little dance.

I shook my hair left and right like the women in the shampoo commercials.

At that precise moment, the Significant Other walked into the bathroom and asked, “What the hell are you doing?”

I simply replied, “Oh nothing. Just recognizing I’m beautiful.”

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and told yourself you’re beautiful?

Did it feel silly or natural?

If you haven’t done it before, will you try it?

Come on! I dare you!


41 thoughts on “Are you beautiful?

  1. I LOVE this post, dear Bella!!! And of COURSE you are beautiful! I dont have to see you to know that. SoOO glad you are reminding yourSelf! When we love ourSelves we open ourselves up to loving others in deeper, more accepting ways, too! Lovelovelove bella Bella!!!

    1. Hi Brynne –

      Yes she is great looking. We have to love ourselves in order to share quality love with others. Good response. Happy Monday to you. :)

    2. YAY! A wish for a happy Monday! Thank you, Charlie! Happy Monday to you, too! p.s. glad to know you know she is beautiful, too!!

    3. Brynne, you’re good for my soul, self confidence and self esteem! Thank you for your kind words that have made my day! I love this:” When we love ourSelves we open ourselves up to loving others in deeper, more accepting ways, too!” Couldn’t have said it better myself! :) Thank you!

    4. Brynne, I am so happy to have clicked on your link! How utterly beautiful! And here I thought my post was pretty good! This post is absolutely amazing!! I’ve left you a comment which is totally heartfelt! Thank you so much for sharing! And to everyone reading the comments, please click on Brynne’s link. Her post will blow you away!

  2. I assisted in a counselor’s office at one point (it’s like a therapist without all the pesky licenses. ha.).

    There were patients she would do affirmations with and you would be amazed what repeating a phrase would do. People would break down in tears repeating things like “I am worthy of love” because saying it meant they had to believe it.

    I haven’t done what you did – but I really should. Maybe while I am at it, I’ll tell that extra roll that showed up post pregnancy that its beautiful, too. :)

    (And you ARE beautiful!)

    1. Amber, mantras and affirmations are powerful stuff! However, it isn’t easy loving and accepting ourselves the way we are. It takes a lot of courage and the belief that we establish our own worth, not other people, society, or the media. We just have to be disciplined in reminding ourselves that we are extraordinary! You are beautiful, sister! :)

  3. Hello Bella and Happy Monday. If you would like external support, then I can help you by saying, “Bella, you’re beautiful!” Really you are a very pretty woman. Nice blog, as always ^5. Have a productive and successful work week. :)

  4. Bella–saw you over on Mother Writer at She Writes. Thanks for the reminder and the peek into sister to sister love. I miss mine–can’t reach her by phone or internet, so I’ll send her an old-fashioned letter instead.

    1. Tania, sorry you can’t reach your sister via other mediums, but hey, snail mail is great! You know what I love? Cards! I love to send out Hallmark cards. None of those ecards for me, thank you very much! Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. I read in a book somewhere that everyone ought to start off their day by going into the bathroom, gazing at themselves in the mirror, and saying, “Good morning, Gorgeous! Have a terrific day.” I did it for a while at it’s amazing the difference it makes.

    1. Kairo, this is definitely a great suggestion! I’m going to try it and see what effect it has on me! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I love the mental picture of you tossing your hair around! But I promise to give this a try, since I’m sure the best I’ve ever said was, “eh” to my reflection. Self esteem is not my strong point, clearly.
    But you said everyone is beautiful… including Prince Charles?! (you knew I couldn’t resist. hee-hee!)

    1. OMG girl, I forgot to mention there are some rare exceptions! (Man with big ears being one of them!) hee hee! And do try the mirror exercise! You’re super cute, sister!

  7. It’s a tough one.. I forget to acknowledge myself a great deal of the time because .. . I have to remind myself to be ‘present perfect’ meaning to love the skin I am in regardless of the day of the week or time of month.. It’s work because you know us girls, like to find fault. I didn’t this morning… something about my bum looking big … but I will now that you reminded me. And did you tell you Sis, thanks?

    1. Brenda, I’ve been trying to get my sister to read this blog since I started it and would you believe she “never has time?” If she did, she’d realize half the things we talk about are a source of inspiration! Hey, big bums are fabulous! And the Significant Other enthusiastically agrees! :)

    1. Debra, you are too kind! You’ve jumpstarted my day with your sweet words and I’m already smiling! Thank you for that! :)

  8. I know you are beautiful, your sister knows it too and I’m glad you’re getting comfortable with the idea ;) Lovely post! It’s something I recommend people make a habit of doing….. recognizing and acknowledging their own beauty!

  9. This is fantastic! I am soooo going to start doing this from now on! Maybe (since i’m defending this week) I’ll add something like, “You are a smart, intelligent, outspoken, beautiful woman!” :)

  10. Bella, I accidentally left a comment with another handle… And since I am wordpress inept, I cannot figure out how to delete it. UGH.

  11. oh, yes, you’re beautiful, and all we’re also beautiful and so glad to read you!!, I think everybody likes compliments, and this includes self-compliments, specially if they come with a little dance!!,
    oh, yeah, girls just wanna have fun (so old song!)
    besos & piropos

    1. Muchas gracias, Mrs. Allnut! I agree, compliments are better when there’s dancing involved! hee hee! Okay, now I can’t get the tune of “Girls just want to have fun out of my head!” :)

  12. No, no, no! When you look into the mirror you are supposed to say “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” And when your significant other walks in and asks if you’re talking to yourself, you tell him “Why of course. Half the time I’m doing so anyway because you never listen when I talk!”

    1. OMG, Rowena, that’s good! You know, I had to retire the old mirror not so long ago when it gave me the wrong answer to the “Mirror, mirror on the wall” question. It’s just recently come out of its exiled state and I hope it learned its lesson. And while you may laugh at your suggestions, know that it’s a good and practical one! Dennis the poltergeist, Roxy and “the voices” are becoming quite tired of my rhetoric! hee hee!

  13. My gorgeous, virtual friend, wh, your very name says it best – bella bella bella! A student of mine used to have a ring on her cell with that song (don’t remember whose song) that goes more or less like this: “you’re beautifullll, you’re beautifullll, you’re beautiful it’s true…”

    1. Cathy, you’ve made my day with that anecdote! Now I’m going to have to Google the lyrics to the song! Thank you for your kind words! You’ve made feel extra special today! :)

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