It’s Roxy’s birthday!

Listen up, folks! I turn two today!

Roxy’s already gone on a special morning walk, she’s eaten a special birthday breakfast and had a special birthday doggy treat.

Tonight we’ll sing “Happy Birthday” and she’ll receive a little gift in honor of her special day.

Roxy and I wanted you to be a part of our special day celebration!

Have a happy day!

38 thoughts on “It’s Roxy’s birthday!

  1. Happy birthday to my dear friend Roxy! You are just a few months younger than me! I’m waiting to see pictures of your gift…..Tell your Mama to help you start your blog soon. Love you!

    1. Pablo! You dear friend! Thank you for all your well wishes! Roxy will be starting her blog as soon as we get a name for it! Any suggestions? :) I will be posting plenty of photos so you can see me and my treats! Kisses! Love you! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Roxy, you adorable sweetie pie!!

    What a lovely birthday celebration you’re having. My Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Henry, celebrated his birthday last week. He’s 4. How old are you (or is it improper to ask a lady her age?) tee hee!

    1. Monica, Roxy is grinning as I read her the messages on her blog post! :) The little miss turned two today! Henry has a lovely name!

    1. Thank you, Georgia! And isn’t it great you’ll always remember Roxy’s birthday! Big hug to you from the both of us, sweet lady!

    1. Jann, you sweet woman, you! Roxy is nodding her head and I’m grinning from ear to ear at your comment! :)

    1. Oh Bernie, we’re giggling at your comment! And yes, Ms. Roxy is both in her terrible two’s and the dreaded teenage years! Oh, oh! :)

    1. Jess, thank you! Roxy’s just showed me her teeth when I read her your message. Her idea of a smile! :)

    1. Louise, haha! Thank goodness little Roxy doesn’t have a shoe fetish! Or maybe it’s my shoes that she doesn’t find attractive! :)

  3. Struggling to be regular with reading / writing blog .. lots happening here but I had to wish Roxy a happy birthday … hope both Roxy and Roxy’s momma had a rocking day today ..
    Love you both :)

  4. What a doll-face! And to answer your question about the picture of the pug on my blog, indeed she is my little wrinkled face sweetheart! And whats more, she reminds me that wrinkles are cute!

    1. Oh no, Brenda, I’m sorry. The loss of a pet is just horrible. I’m glad you have the fat cat to take care of you! :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROXY! Bella, will you promise to give Roxy this message from me?
    Also, I need to say that I’ll be back later to catch up on your recent posts. I’m obviously behind on my blog reading. Just glanced down at the pig and thought, you need to finish teaching so you can sit down and read what this pig has to say!

    1. Debra, consider your message delivered! Roxy grinned from ear to ear! :) Come back and read all about what the piggy has to say! :)

  6. Bella, I’m sorry you are having problems commenting on my blog; I’m doing some research on the error message you are getting. Hope to have it sorted out soon, friend!

    1. Heidi, thanks! It’s no biggie since once I get the message, I am redirected to another tab and there I can indeed comment. No worries, sister! I like your blog too much to let that deter me from commenting! :)

    1. Hello Shary! You’re not going to belive this but the Son, the Significant Other and I sang “Happy Birthday” to Roxy as she sat in the middle of the circle we had made around her. I could swear I saw her smile! :) I love Lola’s name!

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