Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Ever since I read Romeo and Juliet, I’ve been enamored with balconies.

I have yet to pass a beautiful balcony and not think of how Romeo and Juliet exchanged love vows while he stood in the orchard beneath her window, and she stood on her tiny balcony.

It matters not how small or large it is; a balcony is always cozy.

Perhaps this is why it’s the chosen place for men to serenade women, for couples to exchange declarations of love, or for lovers to conduct their trysts.

Yes, there’s something utterly romantic about a secluded space that faces the east or the west, and where people come together to rejoice in their love or intimacy.

I think this is so because balconies are a place where one can escape to.

It’s where I go with my cup of coffee when the noise inside is too overwhelming or when I want to be alone.

Balconies can also be a place where beautiful things grow.

Many people take pleasure in decorating their balconies with assorted blooms. This makes them a lovely place where one can retreat to after a hard day of work.

Moreover, plenty of people sit on their balconies to people watch or soak up the sun’s rays.

I’m convinced it’s the best room in the house.

It can provide you with a great view or it can overlook your neighbor’s yard.

Either way, it inspires drama.

You can stand on your balcony, close your eyes and feel the sun and wind on your face, or you can look down at the hottie who lives two floors below and ogle him as he sunbathes.

It’s a win win.

This afternoon I went around the neighborhood snapping photos of balconies that caught my fancy.

When I got home, I showed them to the Significant Other and said, “Balconies are so romantic! Do you know how many beautiful and passionate scenes have taken place on balconies?”

And he replied, “Do you know how many people have plunged to their death from high-rise balconies? Or how much bird poop lands on people who sit on their balconies? Or how traumatic it is to witness the fat guy who lives on the first floor sunning himself in a Speedo?”

It’s official. The man doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.

Do you have a balcony, and if so, do you love it as much as I love mine?


34 thoughts on “Wherefore art thou Romeo?

  1. I don’t have a balcony, but when my husband and I went on a cruise, we had a balcony and my husband loved sitting out there watching the water. I was a little scared being above open water like that, but he absolutely loved it.

    1. Kelly, I think I would have been right there next to your husband! How amazing to sit and contemplate the water! Now that’s a balcony! :)

  2. Ah Bella, you are a woman after my own heart. I love balconies. When we lived in the city we had a wonderful outdoor space that looked out onto the Space Needle. Lucky us! And such lovely balconies in your neighborhood. I think you may be right about the Significant Other; not a romantic bone in that body!

    1. Heidi, and your outdoor space sounds wonderful! The balconies here are something else. Flowers reign everywhere! It’s quite a thing of beauty! Ah…romance! :) Men, that’s another story! hee hee!

    1. Hello Julia! You’re right, in some parts of the world balconies aren’t appreciated enough! I love mine, though. It’s just great to stand out there, first thing in the morning, with a cup of coffee and the sun in your face! :)

  3. haaa! Apparently your man and my man are brothers, born from the same gene pool. They score high marks on comedy, but are kings of ruining the moment. Am I right? I miss having a balcony. Love ’em!

    1. Girl, right is an understatement! Do you think Javier Bardem would find balconies romantic? Something tells me he would! Now that man would not sacrifice romance for comedy! hee hee! :)

  4. Hello Bella –

    Well you’re sure the romantic woman, aren’t you! “Romeo and Juliet” is one of the only books I read cover to cover in high school In fact, I was cast in the high school play for this title. Unfortunately, I was injured in the 3rd quarter of our final football game of the season, rolling out to throw a pass when a monster crushed my ribs and spleen. LOL, I missed the Saturday evening performance. I took a lot of grief from my sports buddies for being in that play (almost). Here’s my take on dudes, from a guy’s view. A lot of guys are romantic but for some reason, they think being that way is unmanly. It’s ignorant and in the end, that type of thinking is a losing thought. Without going into details, there are many benefits to being romantically engaged with your girl (haha, from a guy’s view). Many guys don’t know what they’re missing. Being romantically tight with your significant other is a good thing. Uh huh, a very good thing indeed!

    Hey, I really like how you incorporated many nice and colorful photos with your post. They’re all really great shots. Happy Thursday evening to you. :)

    1. Charlie, your gender would benefit to learn one or two things from you! I’m glad you liked the shots! One day I’ll have a DSLR camera and then you’ll enjoy them more! :) Enjoy the rest of your evening!

  5. Such beautiful photos! I never thought of balconies like that until you posted this. I feel that way about doors. I love doors and photos of beautiful doorways and entry ways.

    1. Leah, I love doors too! Beautiful doorways win big points when it comes to my determining a house’s beauty. I love the really old doors with the iron fixtures, like the ones old churches have. :)

  6. But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? Tis the East and Bella is the sun! Oh, Bella, you had me enjoying your photos, how beautiful these balconies look. How pretty, indeed.

    And then that little slap in the face at the end had me whooping and falling out of my chair. Your Significant Other is a hoot and a definite reality check for you. He’s lucky to have you. Seems like you balance yourselves out quite nicely, if you ask me. :)

    1. Monica, love your comment! I’m so happy you liked the post! The Significant Other is all that and a bag of chips! But like I’ve told you before, he’s at his funniest when he’s not trying to be funny! I read him your comment and he laughingly told me I’m lucky to have him. Yeah, right! :) And you’re right–we do balance ourselves nicely! Thank you for noticing! :)

  7. Very funny, Bella, the way the S.O. threw cold water on your romantic balcony outburst. Yes, men are from Mars… I’m quite sure that all those sweet balconies were lovingly planted and watered by the female species.

    1. Jann, absolutely! I’m certain the female population is indeed responsible for the survival of balcony related balcony notions! :)

  8. I used to have a balcony at my last apartment, but my apartment was on the 8th floor and I had the willies everytime the screen doors were opened! My daughter and her friends were the only ones who used it and then I panicked accordingly… and yes, there were some pretty scary sights on some of the balconies around us!

    1. hahaha, Elizabeth! Yes, you’re right. Often you will spot a scary sight when you peer from your balcony! Thankfully, the Significant Other has witnessed more of those than I have! hee hee! :)

  9. Bella!! Have you read Juliet by Anne Fortier? I just finished it and think you might grow some new smiles…since we are on the balcony theme:) Thanks for the pictures! And for the romantic meanderings now twirling about my head…!

    1. Brynne, I have not read Juliet by Anne Fortier but now you’ve piqued my interest! I’m glad you like the photos and that you’ve been infused with romance! :)

  10. Yes, Bella. balconies are definitely romantic in my book… Although, like your husband, my husband only thinks of potential-death scenarios when approached with the subject of balconies or high places. Weirdos.

  11. I don’t have a balcony, but I agree with you, they are romantic. Many things to say, I love that you took me walking with you, it felt like I was standing there with you holding Roxy’s leash while you were snapping away. Possibly we were discussing Romeo’s plight in general or simply the romance of the outdoor escape. I think also, you are a bit of romantic yourself, as you see beauty where ever you are. Finally, your significant other’s comment did make me howl. Men are such curious creatures.

    1. Brenda, I’m planning a post on one of my walks with Roxy, step by step. I hope you will enjoy it when I get around to writing it! I’m glad you liked the photos and you’re right, I’m a sucker for seeking out beauty wherever I may be. In my opinion, it’s one of life’s highlights! The Significant Other has told me he’s going to start charging me royalties for the use of his narratives in my posts. I wonder what he thinks I’m going to pay him with! hee hee! :)

  12. Love the photos! And the waxing rhapsotic about balconies. I’m a big fan too, though I don’t have any outdoor space in my current aptartment.

    Your S.O. is funny. However, me thinks he doth protest too much. Were he presented with a hot cup of coffee, with a gorgeous view and a calm evening with his sweet gal… I bet he’d pull up a chair.

    1. Eden, you’re so right, he doth protest too much! :) I wish I could tell you that he would indeed pull up a chair but the reality is that he hardly ever does so. He’s too concerned that the neighbors that live beneath us are going to hear our conversation. Even worse, he’s paranoid that the neighbors will think we’re spying on them. The man’s been watching too many Mel Gibson movies. What can I say? :)

  13. Lovely. I especially love the kind of ‘balconies’ where the apartment French window-doors open inward and a lovely scrolled wrought iron railing is right there in front of you, creating a sort of inner balcony of the room itself. And if a handsome shopkeeper is singing his heart out below as he sweeps the sidewalk outside his shop in time to his song, well all the better.

    1. Cathy, what a lovely balcony description! And yes, by all means, lets include the handsome, singing shopkeeper! :)

    1. Aren’t they the best for escaping to faraway lands, Shary? You have no idea how many distant lands I have “visited’ as I sit or stand on my balcony!

    1. Louise, you make me smile! Ah, it’s too bad you don’t have a balcony. You are totally a balcony kind of gal! :)

  14. I currently don’t have a balcony but when I lived in downtown Vancouver in area called English Bay, I loved our deck on the tenth floor. My view was of the mountains on one side, cityscape on the other and a final view of the ocean/beach.
    What I enjoyed most from that vantage point was watching the city come alive in the morning with the sunrise and then at night watching each light come on in homes that surrounded us. I could see my boyfriend (now husband) reaching the last two blocks to our door after walking home from work. I loved being above the cherry trees that bloomed every year and remember vividly my dog presiding over her palace, looking down on the people below.
    It was romantic and maybe just a little like reliving my childhood, up in a tree, safe from everyone and everything; exploring my world.
    Thanks for the post, it brought back great memories.

    1. Jennifer, your tenth floor balcony sounds like a dream come true! Watching your signficant other reach your door sounds like the most romantic thing one can do on a balcony! :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories!

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