Can you do a little turn on the catwalk?

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When my children were younger, it was customary for us to spend the summer with my sister and her children.

These summers were the highlight of our year, because not only did they provide the kids with endless playtime, they provided the adults with much needed “tall people” time.

The children played like there was no tomorrow and designated a “theme” to every summer.

Some of the themes that made summers memorable included the “Pokemon,” the “comic book,” the “Looney Tunes,” and the much dreaded “Ninja” theme.

However, the “Right Said Fred” summer was the most memorable.

That particular summer, my sister purchased a CD by a music group called “Right Said Fred.”

One of the songs that made the group famous, or I should say, we made famous, was “I’m too Sexy.”

My sister thought it hysterical to teach the children the inappropriate lyrics to the catchy tune.

As a result, for two months all we heard was “I’m too sexy for my pants.”

The Daughter, who was ten at the time, would stage modeling shows for her two cousins and brother, and she’d make them strut down an improvised catwalk on the driveway.

Most rehearsal afternoons resulted in her hissing at them when they failed to sway their hips like “real models” as well as threats to ban them from the “final” modeling show of the summer.

Throughout these rehearsals, my sister and I would sit back, drink copious amounts of coffee, and laugh our asses off.

Sadly, when the summer ended, so did the “I’m Too Sexy” theme.

As the years passed, many other themes followed, but none were as funny or as entertaining as the “Right Said Fred” one.

At one point, my sister and I attempted to revive it, but were met by our children’s indignant cries of “We’re too old for that!” and “Mom, you’re ridiculous!”

We sadly realized there was no way to bring back to the fun times Right Said Fred had provided that summer.

Our children were older and now spent their time playing Game Box, Nintendo, and Play Station.

To say we were disheartened is an understatement and we resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d never again see them dance to that song.

However, tonight when I came in from walking Roxy, I heard a familiar tune being played in the Son’s room.

I stopped in my tracks as I heard him sing, “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hurts!”

I slowly climbed the stairs and saw my now 19-year-old son shaking his hips to Right Said Fred’s song.

I stifled a giggle as I saw him spin around singing “I do my little turn on the catwalk. On the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah. I do my little turn on the catwalk.”

Suddenly, he was four years old again and we were in my sister’s driveway laughing till the tears were running down our face.

He stopped when he saw me and asked, “What do you think, mom, can I make it as a model?”

I found myself telling him the same thing I had told him fifteen years earlier.

“Shake your tush more or the modeling agency will hire your cousins instead.”

Which childhood memory, yours or your children’s, makes you smile?

33 thoughts on “Can you do a little turn on the catwalk?

  1. I remember the song, but how did I miss that video?!?

    Loved reading about your themed summer vacations. I bet your kids have lots of great memories from all of them.

    1. Shary, ever since my children were small, I made it my mission to provide them with as many memories as I could. When I’m gone they won’t inherit any money, but at least they’ll have the memories! :)

  2. Great song, but I can’t think of anything else he did so was it only a one-hit wonder? My ony male offspring used to catch lizards and stick’em in his pants pockets when he was three. Lemme tell you, it is SO GROSS to pick out dead (drowned) lizard corpses whenever I did the laundry.

    1. Rowena, I think this was a one-hit wonder like you mention! Or at least I don’t know of any more of their songs. Dead lizard corpses in pant pockets? OMG, I don’t know you had the courage to pick them out! :)

  3. Bella, this is one adorable post. One second into reading and I’m all smiles and giggles. On a gray Saturday your humorous memory brings delight and fun!
    But I’ve never heard the song. One-hit wonder?

    1. Debra, you must play the video! It’s silly but catchy! Be warned that when you play it once, you’ll want to keep playing it over and over. And then when it’s turned off, you’ll still be humming the tune! :) I’m happy that my post provided you with smiles and giggles! :)

  4. I did play it. I just meant I’d never heard it until now:) But it was worth coming over to hear! I know what you mean; it IS catchy! Have to share this one with my teenage daughter. She’ll be certain to get a kick out of it. Think I’ll send it to her now.

  5. Bella…you are PURE joy! Your kids and sister’s kids are one lucky group to have such fun, alive, free spirited mamas!! Thanks for starting my day out with a great big smile! Love you!

    1. Muchas gracias, Brynne! It’s funny you say that because it’s what we always tell our kids! It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe it, my sister and I still laugh about this many years later! :)

  6. Too funny! My sister and I have so many childhood memories that make us laugh so hard we cry. I hope my daughter will have those memories, too–she’s an only child.

    1. Kelly, my sisters and I also laugh till we cry when we reminiss about the “good, ole days!” Life was so simple and fun then! No video games, or Internet, or technology gadgets other than Atari! :) I think if your daughter has cousins or friends she socializes with, she will indeed have special memories!

  7. I loved the idea of themed holiday. Being Latin, we too vacation together, and tend to live in one another’s pockets. I confess to stealing the lines from that one hit wonder song from time to time.. It’s a perfect line. I do love the ‘circle of life’ theme to this post, how life comes back around and ’round. Sometime long after this moment your son will come back to the same moment. My sister was up visiting me this weekend and she bought a new CD. Some young country singers. They were singing old cowboy songs, songs both of us heard a million times growing up. My dad, Billy Bucks, love his cowbody songs. A track circled round and I started singing. I knew every word and could see my dad in living room. Seriously, the song remembers when. Bella, I loved this memory of yours, the family trips, and the ‘tall people’ conversation, priceless.

    1. Brenda, thank you, sister! I’m honored you liked this post! Yes, Hispanic families do love their family gatherings, don’t we? We’re right there with the Italians and Greeks! Believe it! I just love the laughter, the cameraderie, the sharing…it makes for special memories. It really does. :) I smiled at the image of you singing your pop’s cowboy song. How sweet is that!

  8. Great post! I have a 19-year old boy, too, so I can totally picture this.

    We have a poem that we recited to the boy for many years to keep him hiking with us. It still makes him laugh when someone remembers it:
    Don’t look straight up at a bird,
    Don’t drink downstream from the herd.
    When you get bucked off, get back on,
    And never squat with your spurs on!

  9. What a great idea – theme vacation holiday! I never thought of it, we only had themed dinners, usually after coming back from vacations we would through a theme dinner representing the country we visited, and also we loved themed New Year celebrations!!!

    1. Ariana, the theme dinner sound like fun! I think I would enjoy those! Now if only we traveled enough to do this! :)

    1. June, these days it’s cool to find my 19 year old doing anything other than sleeping and eating! hee hee! Yep, that’s what summer vacation does to young people! :)

  10. Oh, the pleasure of spending another lunch hour with you and your words! We do not always “theme” our vacations but can remember countless Christmas holidays on my husband’s side where the kids all created a “show”. As the only 2 boys on that side of the family, my guys were relegated to “Lights” and “Security” – and willingly I might add. What happy – okay, ridiculous – memories! Thanks for sharing! You’ve given me a great inspiration to “theme” the great 3rd annual cousins cottage weekend this summer…maybe I’ll steal your “I’m too Sexy…” theme!

    1. Astra, by all means steal it and then write me and tell me what kind of crazy it amounts to! hee hee! :) I smiled at your kids creating shows because the girls in the family always put on dance numbers. I’m so glad to have these wonderful memories!

  11. Hysterical!!! And I love that you caught your son dancing around… haven’t heard that song is forever. I don’t have any kids, but I loved the summer we taught my nephew to sing “take me out to the ballgame” when he was about three in prep for going to a big league game. And he would throw his little arms in the air and shout SAFE. Adorable…

    1. Aw, how cute! I can see a small child doing that and I just dissolve in grins, lady! I love that you were the one to select the song based on the baseball theme! :)

  12. What a great memory! And a beautiful mental image of the magic of summers together with your sister and kids.
    And then to top it off… a hilarious moment with your son.
    Thanks for this wonderful post.

    P.S. That song is so stinking catchy and So Very Cheesy… as is the case with much contagious music.

    1. Eden, you’re so right! Why is it that all the catchy songs are catchy and cheesy! hee hee! I’m so happy to provide you with giggles! :)

    1. Sarcasm Goddess, the Significant Other agrees with you! He can’t understand why we can’t make it “date night theme!” :)

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