Are you ready to soar like an eagle?

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I looked at my only son today as he sat across from me at the breakfast table and thought, what a guy!

Such a handsome fellow. Such beautiful eyes. Such gorgeous, curly hair.

My mother’s heart beamed with pride.

Just an hour earlier, we had learned that this semester he’d again made the Dean’s list, with straight A’s, and a semester grade point average of 4.0.

Were all mothers to be so lucky.

Yes, I had done well.

The bright, handsome young man sitting in front of me was indeed worth every hour, minute and second of the 32 hours I had spent in labor.

Soon he would start his junior year of college, and one or two years later, he would graduate.

With a BA under his arm, he would be ready to face the future.

I sighed as I remembered the little boy he used to be.

A little boy who, much like a little chick, had depended on his mother for sustenance.

He’d depended on her guidance, her nurturing, and her loving care.

And when the time came for him to walk on his own little legs, he’d done that too; with mother hen encouraging him to keep moving forward.

He had ventured out into the world, confident in his abilities to overcome obstacles, yet always knowing mama was close by should he ever need help.

Little by little, I had allowed him to take control of his life; of his destiny.

I had encouraged him to learn from his mistakes, and to turn every defeat into an opportunity for growth and experience.

He had grown and matured.

Much like an eagle, he had spread his wings wide and soared high into the sky.

I looked sadly at the young man who would soon leave the nest to find his own way.

“Mom! Mom, did you hear me?”

His deep voice interrupted my reverie.

I looked at him tenderly and suddenly, a gob of mayo hit me in the face.

“Whoops! My bad!” he said as he smeared mayo on a slice of bread and wiped his mustard smeared mouth with the back of his hand.

Unfazed, he slurped his drink loudly, pausing only long enough to say, “Some of the guys are coming over. Can you bake some of those brownies I like and put some Coke in the fridge? And can you make me another turkey sandwich? I’m chatting with a girl on Facebook and it’s really important.”


Oh, the joy of motherhood.

Were we all to be this lucky.


34 thoughts on “Are you ready to soar like an eagle?

  1. “The bright, handsome young man sitting in front of me was indeed worth every hour, minute and second of the 32 hours I had spent in labor.”

    No doubt you say that to all of his friends who come over.

    1. Drake, what an honor to have you here! I’m very excited at the prospect of having your wit/sarcasm at my party! Please tell me you’ll stay! And without a doubt, it is what I tell all his friends! :)

  2. HA !!! Nothing like Mayo to jolt you back to reality. Great big hugs to you and son. He’s lucky to have a mama like you… with full doses of both love and sarcasm.

    1. Eden, I will tell him to read your comment. I tell him all the time, but he doesn’t believe me. Your words may just convince him! :)

  3. And every hour minute and second since, if you’re at all like me ;) And I’m sure you keep him in line without him even knowing it!

  4. It baffles me sometimes and I don’t know it should, 1) that grow so quickly, 2) fight for their independence, and 3) they revert to being an innocent in seconds. I look at my daughter as you are looking at your son now, in wonderment, awe, pride, and frankly, shock. The motherhood journey, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. The most amazing thing about becoming a mother was ‘instant love’ – you know the first time you lay eyes on the baby, your heart grows and grow and grows. Scary as heck, really. So Bella, how did those brownies turn out? ( My daughter told me last Friday as I was coming home from work that she had a bunch of friends coming over for dinner … Like am I a short order cook or something? )

    1. Brenda, don’t you hate when they do that? With the Son, it’s all the time. It’s like I’m running Bella’s Diner here! You’re so right, with mothers it’s love at first sight and as they grow, so does our love. But if we’re honest, we have to admit that they can try our patience like crazy, eh Brenda? :)

    1. Ha! If I know him like I think I know him, he’ll have stuck a GPS in my bag so he can track me down and ask, “Where’s my brownies?!” :)

    1. Kelly, it matters not how many hours because as you well know, every hour spent in labor feels like a year! Wouldn’t you agree? :) I want to think I’d do it all over again, but I don’t know…. hee hee!

    1. Shary, me too! I love my mother and while I joke about her calling round the clock, I know how much I’d miss it if she stopped! :)

    1. Cinnamon, thanks for dropping by! Oh, prom! I’m glad we’ve moved past that! :) Here’s hoping your son will sidestep the grounding process! :)

  5. This is so funny and kind of reminds me of a post I once wrote about my son, called The Best Mom ( You do so much for them, you think the world of them, and then they say or do something to ground you. It’s as if they’re saying, just because we turned out ok, that shouldn’t go to your head. Oh, well. My daughter gets back from college next week and I can’t wait!

    So glad you have joined the Lady Blogger’s Society Tea Party!

    1. Monica, thank you for all the information on the LBS! I wonder what attitude or reactions your daughter will bring back from college!

  6. WAAA! This makes me want to just squeeze my little guy all day long. He’s 9 months old and I’m wrapped around his finger. Thanks for this. Its a great one for the mamas! Stopping by from the tea party :)

    1. Oh my, Hillary, do you have a long way to go! hee hee! They are just adorable when they’re that tiny, aren’t they? Just you wait, though! :)

  7. Congrats to your son on his 4.0! This is such a funny post! I think my mom sees me the same way. Growing up, I graduated recently, got married, but when I go back home, I still need my mom and she makes the best baked goods!

    1. Jane, thank you! Yes, he’s brilliant, this one is! And you’re right, moms do make the best baked goods! At least that’s what the Son says! :)

  8. A very cute post, Bella. You’ve got such a way of telling a story. And clearly, despite the mayo and burp, you’ve done a wonderful job raising your son.

    1. June, thank you! He can be adorable if he wants to be! Seriously though, he’s exceptional. I’m a proud mama! :)

  9. You are a big ol’ softie just like the chick photo and holly crap you got drake on over.

    I can’t even imagine my two getting bigger I get all mushy just thinking my little girl is no longer a baby or a toddler, she’s officially a little girl. sniff, sniff.

    1. Una, I did a little dance when I saw Drake’s comment! He does add a little sarcasm spice to the comment section, doesn’t he? :) As for your little girl, enjoy her while you can. They grow up so fast!

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