Who’s strutting like John Travolta in “Staying Alive?”

Some people take in Broadway shows.

Others go to the theater, the ballet, and even the movies.

Roxy and I?
We go to the park.

It doesn’t matter what day it is, if it’s cold or hot, or if it’s crowded or not.

Walks in the park always allow us to witness something extraordinary.

Today’s entertainment was provided by a pair of crows.

I’ll be honest and admit that I’ve never liked crows.

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that crows are often portrayed as harbingers of death, or seen as a bad omen.

Or maybe it’s because we see them circling corpses like vultures in films, or that farmers have to put up scarecrows to keep them away from crops.

Or maybe it’s the fact that they’re completely black and black is such a somber color.

In spite of this, as Roxy and I sat on a bench across the tram tracks this morning, we couldn’t help but be captivated as these little guys strutted their stuff Travolta style.

Roxy sat mesmerized as each bird literally walked from left to right; one little claw in front of the other.

They seemed unperturbed by our presence and whenever a tram was coming, they’d swiftly get out of the way and return to the scene after it had passed.

This reminded me of the popular film scene where the protagonist is about to be hit by a train, but manages to roll out of the way in the nick of time.

Time seemed to stand still as we watched the show.

I happily snapped photos from a distance, while Roxy kept her eye on the performers.

Because I had to zoom in, the photos are a bit grainy, but I think you’ll still be able to admire their spectacle.

As Roxy and I gathered our belongings before heading home, I realized that these crows, while not the type of bird many people would sit and watch, had provided us with a pleasant time.

I had laughed, Roxy had relaxed, and we had both seen something we’d never seen before: a crow strutting his stuff.

I was humbled as I realized that while I didn’t think it was an attractive bird, the crows obviously thought they were the hottest things on the tram tracks this morning.

This leads me to conclude that we all have something to learn from my friends the crows, and it’s that, if you believe you’re beautiful, then you are; what others think is irrelevant.

It’s as simple as that.

When was the last time you strutted your stuff?


68 thoughts on “Who’s strutting like John Travolta in “Staying Alive?”

  1. ~I love that film with John T! Serious. I’ve watched that about 7 xs. (has anybody even heard of it besides you and I????
    And I love love love your blog, Bella. I am hooked.
    ….how you can take a simple crow and make him so gloriously beautiful.
    When I observe a crow I think of Poe….And I am fascinated how they look as if they’ve been dipped in thick oil :)
    XX Kiss.

    1. Kim you are good for my soul! Thank you for your kind comments, sister! Here’s hoping you and I aren’t the only fans of “Staying Alive.” I was a Travolta fan BEFORE the hair plugs and you have to admit his ass looks smokin’hot in this video clip! hee hee!

  2. I was just starting to panic when I got to the end. “She MUST have posted the JT Strut,” and then there it was. SWEET!!! As for crows, I saw Hitchcock’s “The Birds” when I was five. And last week, some evil crow followed me from tree to tree for three blocks, caaawwing at me. FREAKED. Hate to say it, but the last time I strutted, I’m sure there were roller skates on my feet. ha!! Good, good times.

    1. Lori, you crack me up! I remember seeing “The Birds.” I didn’t want to leave the house for a month after I saw it. Between you and me, I’m have never looked at a seagull the same way! :) Come on, tell me you watched the clip! As for the last time you strutted, shame on you. Go out today and shake your hips, lady!

  3. haha :-) As long as it’s got a personality, it can put on a show. What’s the diff between a crow and a raven? I always just assumed yellow beak = crow, black beak = raven.

    1. Haley, the only differences I know are that a raven is bigger and has a longer neck. But really, they do look similar even if they are different birds. And I agree, personality equals good show! :)

  4. Crows struttin’ their stuff…that’s a hoot. Supposedly they are one of the smartest birds on the planet so if anybody should have their groove thang going it should be them. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Annie, thank you and welcome! I’m tickled pink you like the post! And they do have their groove going on, don’t they? :)

    1. Alexandra, both my children are fans. Or maybe they prented they are so I won’t play the CD incessantly. But really, it’s one of the best CD’s that ever hit the market! Wouldn’t you agree?

    1. It’s funny you say that cause as I watched the clip I thought, “Dang that man was hot!” The Significant Other said “Who, me?” to which I replied, “Don’t you wish!” hee hee!

  5. It’s funny how even crows can teach us things like the fact that feeling beautiful inside is what’s important. Other people’s opinions shouldn’t bring you down.

  6. Love this Bella! Isn’t it wonderful when something we at the very least take for granted becomes a subject of admiration and inspiration. I’m going to take in more of the sights along the way. You’ve inspired me!

  7. Hiya Bella –

    Crows are very interesting creatures indeed. I’ve spent many a day in my youth watching the odd birds in my back yard and at the old athletic field behind the house I grew up in. It’s difficult for me to judge from the photos, but the crows around my home growing up were huge birds. There was one bird that was a much larger crow than all the rest and it hung out mostly on the other corner of the behind a classmate of mine’s home. I believe they feed him regularly and we all (neighborhood peeps) called him Joe the Crow. BTW, I think your photos are really great. Your story is a nice read for me. Most people will look past the mysterious black bird and not give them much mind to their activities. As you’ve observed, they can be very interesting and odd creatures, and funny as well. Thank you. :)

    1. Charlie, thank you for sharing Joe the Crow’s story with us! :) And you’re right, they are odd but interesting birds! I hadn’t seen one walk so many steps until today!

  8. “I spend a lot of time on my hair, and he hits it” CLASSIC JT!

    That soundtrack is of my all time favorites.

    Bella mia Bella….we are soul sisters.

    1. Georgia, I knew it from the start! hee hee! You know, after I wrote this post, I had to pop the soundtrack into the old CD player. It’s been playing for the last half hour and the Son is begging me to take it off! hee hee!

  9. I love that movie as well. I haven’t watched it in forever but it’s one of those I just had to own! Also, crows used to creep me out! At my high school there was a one-legged crow, you could often see him hopping about. Also at my high school, a crow dove off of a light pole and died in front of me. Not a good sign! Lol. So yeah, they freak me out but the way you captured them is truly beautiful and your lesson at the end is so true. Love this post!

    1. Oh my goodness, Ashley, a one-legged crow! Incredible! And you have indeed been exposed to the “omen” qualities of the crow! :) I’m so happy you liked the post!

    1. Ariana, before I had Roxy, I liked to walk but I lacked the motivation. Now I’m forced to go because she has to go! :) But you’re right–you should get a dog so you can explore a whole new side of nature, and a whole new side of you!

  10. Oh my God, I hate crows! They wake me every morning before the crack of dawn :(
    However, now when I hear them i shall think of John Tavolta :)

    1. Astra, I’m afraid I would hate them too if they were waking me before the crack of dawn! I’ve always been a bit afraid of crows. They look so sinister and spooky! I had to giggle when I read that you will think of John Travolta when you hear them! That’s the spirit! :)

  11. I strut my stuff EVERY MORNING WHEN I WAKE UP! hahaha, no. I don’t. I don’t think I even know how to strut. I’m quite awkward like that. But these crows seem totally groovy and uber confident in themselves!

    1. Laura, why not strut your stuff when you get up in the mornings? You go, girl! Strut your stuff! :) And I agree, these are groovy, confident crows!

  12. I can’t remember the last time I strutted my stuff, lol. I need to do that more. Crows always make me laugh, because my mini doxie Maggie hates them with a passion. She was two pounds when we got her, and she would run out into the yard, lost in the grass, barking like crazy at their squawking.

    She still does it … except it’s not so cute now that she’s six and loud.

    1. Oh my goodness, Stacy, I can almost see your dog, Maggie, barking at the crows! How cute is that! But I can understand that at this point the novelty has worn off for you. :) When Roxy saw them, she just lay on the bench and looked at them. I was grateful that she seemed to be having a relaxed day!

  13. I saw the title and had to click the link. As soon as saw the bird I laughed. It’s just a funny and delightful post. Thanks for sending me off to bed tonight with a good laugh.

    1. Carol, you are more than welcome! I’m happy that you and the rest of the readers take the time to comment! Thank you so much! :)

    1. Grazie, Jann! I’ve started carrying a notebook around for things that catch my fancy and serve to inspire these little posts. Sadly, not all of us have handsome, Italian police officers to call out to our muse! hee hee! :)

    1. Drake, you sweetheart, did you send us a video clip of yourself doing the Travolta? :) You’ve made me giggle, again! And I hate to break it to you, but disco’s been dead for over 35 years. Sigh.

    2. Drake, consider me shunned…for five earth seconds. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5–and like the Terminator, I’m back! Mystery Men? You’re the only mystery man I’m acquainted with! :)

    3. Did you just return? Does that mean you missed by royal re-entrance of “Honey, I’m home?” I’m very disappointed! And yes, I’m feeling quite remorseful if you must know. Bad Bella! I will not sit myself out on “time out” for another five earth seconds. :)

  14. As usual you delight me by bringing meaning and laughter in to the everyday events of your life. Perhaps that’s why you’re the top of the pops in my list :) Sorry I’ve been absent. I have read your posts but not commented. Forgive me (I would have said ‘My bad’ – but I hate that phrase!!).

    We have loads of crows around our place and while they can be awfully pesky – flying into our kitchen and attempting to steal meat left to thaw or eggs just bought – they always fascinate me with their boldness. I leave some water out on the kitchen window sill (we live on the first floor) and when that’s over they hop in to help themselves from the sink! I must tell you Pablo watches them intently but doesn’t attack :)

    1. Corinne, “your bad” is forgiven, my friend! hee hee! It is a dumb expressioin, isn’t it? It makes me happy to see your comments but I totally understand if you don’t! No worries, I love you just the same! They are bold birds, the crows, aren’t they? I cannot believe they invade your kitchen to get water! I don’t know if I could put up with that! Dear Pablo is too much of a gentle soul to attack the likes of the bold crows! :)

  15. I love crows. I am always amazed at how intelligent a lot of birds are.

    And the strut! Awesome.

    The last time I strut…a few weeks ago the hipster barista at Starbucks was flirting with me. (The hubs and kid were in the car) I strutted to the car and informed the hubs that I must not be entirely uncool.

    He laughed, agreed, and then recommended he fetch the coffee next time. :)

    1. Amber, you had me giggling with this! Don’t you love a good flirt? I feel I too would have had strut in my step had I been in the same circumstances! Good for you! You go, girl! :)

  16. The timing of this post is uncanny, even down to some the wording. I just had a conversation with someone who seemed to think it our God given right to get out there and ‘strut our stuff” which I found laughable. Could be he’s a crow… (joking). Thanks for making me smile, and think today Bella!

    1. Oh Elizabeth! I’m giggling here! i think your friend is right, it is our God given right to strut our stuff! Somehow I think God would approve of being proud of who we are and what we stand for! You’re very welcome, friend! I’m delighted you like the post! :)

    1. Hello and welcome! I love to both people and bird watch! I kid you not when I tell you that my idea of a good afternoon is sitting on a bench just observing people walk by. At times, the things you witness are hilarious! Other times, it makes for blog post ideas! :)

  17. I actually knew someone who had a bird phobia. Can you imagine? Where in this world can you go without encountering a bird? Well, I guess you could ice skate indoors…but you know what I’m saying. Anyway, I like the idea of birds as models for self esteem and pride.

    1. June, I’m glad I don’t suffer from that phobia! I already spend enough time on my other phobias! hee hee! :) I’m glad you liked the concept!

  18. I love crows! They are so smart and confident. I watched a crow scare a cat quite a bit once. While I’m very much of a cat person, that one made me chuckle, it was cat’s confidence against the crows’, and the crow had a clear victory (nobody got harmed, so that was okay).

    1. Ivana, thank you for providing me with a nighttime giggle! I can almost see the fearless crow in action! Poor cat…he didn’t stand a chance! :)

  19. Johnnie did a string of Italia Telecom commercials not that long ago and you know what? He was still strutting his stuff! Cannot speak italian even to o save himself though.

    1. Rowena, Johnnie should be ashamed of himself–an Italian American who doesn’t speak Italian! But as long as he was strutting his stuff, I guess we’ll let it slide this time! :)

  20. Crows and Travolta… a great pair! Thanks for reminding me about that movie. I have to watch it again. Now I’m off to strut my stuff behind the vacuum cleaner. Sigh.

  21. I think we girls, women, what ever flavor of the word we call ourselves, need to strut always (even if only your own good sense of sexy self.)

  22. Johnny was sexy and still is ..and man did he strut like no one else ..ever !!
    2 more months of Zumba and damn I’m going to strut my stuff on the street :)

  23. This was SO funny! I stopped by from Lady Blogger’s Tea Party and read your post about shaving your legs for the hospital visit – which made me laugh – then saw this John Travolta reference and VERY VERY FUNNY!!! You are so right – crows do strut their stuff like they’re “all that” – and I hate them, too. They’re creepy. So glad I stopped by – I’m your newest follower.

    1. And I’m tickled pink that you are my newest follower! Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed the blog posts! Crows are creepy but their astute and crafty too! Today I saw a pair pecking the crap out of a paper bag. I think there may have been some leftover food inside. You should have seen this pair! :)

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