What’s making me do the “happy dance?”

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Pink Sherbet Photography

Good day, everyone!

Just a short post to let you know I’ve done it again!


The dance! The happy dance! The dance around my living room cause I’m tickled pink and bursting at the seams with excitement, dance!

The beautiful and sweet Anika of By Anika has featured me in her “Spreading the Love” series!


Cause she thinks I have something to say about…fashion!

Now before you start throwing your arms up in the air wondering what a pajama-wearing, laid back, “I wear what I want” kind of woman has to say about fashion, I urge you to have a look.

Go on!

Click on the link!

I dare you!

Oh, and did I mention photos of  three fashion bloggers whose fashion sense inspires me and my photo are featured as well?

Aren’t you curious to know who these lovely ladies are?

Go have a look, if you please, and then come back and share your thoughts or leave a comment on Anika’s blog.

I’d be tickled pink if you did!

Thank you for your support, everyone!

Oh, and if you feel like doing the “happy dance” today, for whatever reason, this video will help you get the ball rolling!



58 thoughts on “What’s making me do the “happy dance?”

  1. What an awesome post featuring you! Congrats! LOL! I love that vid. Never seen it before or heard of the group. Funny thing is that I’ve always done my own happy dance, usually in the kitchen, when I get excited about an ingredient or a successful meal, etc… We should all do the ‘Happy dance’. :-)

    1. Paz, you’re back! I’ve missed you! I tried clicking on your blog many times but I kept getting a message that the blog wasn’t available anymore! I clicked now and am happy that it’s back up! :) I also do the happy dance in the kitchen! Although I also do it in the living room and the bedroom! hee hee! And I agree, we should all do the happy dance!

    2. Ohh! Thanks for stopping by my blog and not giving up. Unfortunately, I’m having technical problems with my blog. As a result readers can’t leave messages and I can’t put up a simple post. I’m trying to get it fixed but it’s taking some time. Soon, I hope, everything will be resolved. In the meantime, keep doing the Happy Dance. :-D


    1. Aw Heidi, you’re so sweet! Thank you! Some day maybe you can use your excellent photography skills to make me look spectacular! :)

  2. Congrats on the feature. Love seeing a photo of you and finally being able to put a face to the awesome bella. You are beautiful my friend but i knew that without seeing the picture. That video is ridiculi, doing the happy boggie.

    1. Una, you’re like a balm to the soul, sister! Thank you! Your kind words make my day! :) And lets do the happy boogie! Go girl! Get your boogie on! :)

    1. Madison, and now I’m doing the happy dance cause you’re visiting from Anika’s! :) She’s just a lovely, compassionate person. I love her! Thank you for dropping by! Come back and visit!

    1. Shary, you are very sweet for saying that! I’m happy to share the discovery of these wonderful ladies with you and all my readers! :)

    1. Aw, Drake, come on. You know you like to to dress in nice duds! And may I say I’m tickled pink you like the photo! :)

    1. Rowena dear, if I had found the perfect pair of pink panties I’d be doing more than the happy dance! hee hee! I’ll keep you posted. I’m still on the quest! :)

  3. Well that was a great interview Bella! I can’t really relate to this fashion/no fashion thing, but I imagine that living in the land of tall, thin blond women might do something to a person’s head (my husband once suggested that we move to Sweden and I said what? You’re gonna trade the best wine and truffle pasta for pickled fish and meatballs????)

    The only thing that I neglected to add in my comment at Anika’s blog is that when I meet a big woman for the first time, the first thought that comes into my head is if she can sing. And NO, it’s not because of that silly phrase “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings”, but because I noticed how many opera singers are larger than life.

    1. Rowena, there is no way I would trade in the best wine and truffle pasta for pickeled fish and meatballs! Absolutely not! You know, someday I plan to retire to live in Tuscany. I can already see myself sitting in a little table laid with cuts of ham, olive oil, and chunks of crusty bread; wine close at hand. I’m looking down at the most beautifu olive groves and smelling the fresh air…someday! I’m glad you liked the interview! And you’re right, these tall, willowy blondes give anyone a compex! hee hee!

  4. What an absolutely positive and uplifting post. Dancing is one of the best forms of self expression one can exert through their physical energies.
    Thank you for sharing your awesome feelings with me~

    Have a wonderful day~

    1. Dorothy, you’re very welcome! I agree with you, dancing is a great form of self expression! I partake whenever the spirit moves me! :) Have a great day!

  5. I’ll attempt the happy dance, but only for you. :) Congrats on the feature! :) I love Anika’s blog, and I love each of those girls she’s featured!!! :)

    1. Laura, merci! You’re too kind! I love Anika’s blog too and her “Spreading the love” feature is so great! Thanks for dancing the happy dance with me! :)

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