Do all sighs end in oo la la?

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, the good Lord giveth me a Frenchman in his underwear.

I kid you not, ladies.

During last night’s stroll with Roxy, I came to a halt.

No, it wasn’t to admire the mesmerizing moonlight or to avoid stepping in Roxy’s poop.

I froze in my tracks when an Adonis wearing white boxer trunks crossed the road accompanied by his…Jack Russell Terrier.
Talk about fate.

Mouth agape and pupils dilated, I was barely able to reply to his sultry, “Bon Soir.”

Bon soir indeed, Monsieur.

Frantically, I tried to remember the chorus of the song “Lady Marmalade,” but to no avail.

I was too distracted by the handsome man in his underwear.

However, this post is not about sexy Frenchmen, much as they make me drool.

Instead, it’s about toasting serendipitous moments.

At times, it might be finding a crumpled twenty dollar bill, long forgotten in the pocket of your favorite jeans.

Other times, it might be having every traffic light turn green the moment your vehicle approaches.

And other times, it might be a gorgeous Frenchman in his skivvies.

Serendipitous moment indeed.

Is luck involved?

Is it good karma or the alignment of planetary stars?

I like to think it’s the universe’s way of bequeathing us with an unexpected moment of joy.

While life can be difficult, confusing, and utterly frustrating, now and then, the cosmos will “fix” it so we can experience a bit of wonderment; a bit of magic.

And who can deny that after a grueling day, it’s absolutely lovely to be able to sigh?

A good sigh; one accompanied by “oo la la.”

Open your eyes to the unexpected moments where you’re able to forget your worries, fears, and anger.

Allow yourself to take in the funny, the beautiful, and the unpredictable.

Who knows, when you least expect it, you may just find yourself whispering “Bon Soir.”

When was the last time you experienced a serendipitous moment and how did it make you feel?


58 thoughts on “Do all sighs end in oo la la?

  1. Absolutely love reading ur blog! I finally I sat down and decided it was time to play catch up . Now I feel as though I have to log in to be able to laugh and have a me moment; even if its just for little while reading ur blog !!! Luv It!

    1. Aw, you make me happy just by reading this comment! I’m glad you like it and that I can make you laugh! Thank you! :)

    1. Mrs. Allnut, you are missed in this part of the country! I’m sure we would have many laughing moments if you lived close by! A disfrutar el momento! Besos! :)

  2. Now, did you take that photo? Please don’t tell me that’s what you see when you leave the house, because I’m booking my flight now, if that’s the case. And yes, I’ve had those moments–finding money or even a lost key in a pocket, all the lights changing for me (but then I’ve also had all the lights turn red when they see me coming).

    I don’t know if this moment counts, but it’s a spectacular one and says a lot about the goodness of people: I left my purse in the women’s room at the Chicago O’hare airport. Do you know what a bustling airport that is? I didn’t realize my mistake until 15 minutes later when I went to pay for a lunch we’d ordered. Raced back to the bathroom. Not there. Panic set in. Stopped a security officer who shrugged and pointed to an airline counter, saying I’d have to report it to them. Feeling hopeless, devastated and wondering what I was going to do without my driver’s license, passport, cell phone, credit cards, etc, I walked up to the counter. There was my purse! Some angel turned it in, lock, stock and barrel! Intact. And that was my serendipitous moment. Does that count?

    1. Monica, yes, I took the photo and that’s what I see when I cross the street and take the bend. Isn’t it fantastic? And Monica, yes, that most definitely counts! Your guardian angel is looking after you, sister! Thanks for sharing your serendipitous moment! :)

  3. Sweet Bella. You are such FUN!
    “The power of place need not be underestimated. In my world, everything emits an energy and the magic in my life multiplies when I find where my energy matches or is complimented by the energy of my surroundings.” All that to say, I think serendipitous moments happen to us most when we are in our element. Looks like you have found yours! Hooray!

    1. Sue Ann, hello and welcome! I’m afraid I’m not sure I understand your question. I don’t trade links with other bloggers but instead, add blogs I enjoy reading to my blog roll. I hope that answers your question.

  4. You never fail to make me laugh Bella. I love those serendipitous moments – like when you approach a door with your arms full of books and a man appears from nowhere to open it… so far in my experience this man has not been neither French nor wearing his undies, but you never know – each day brings new surprises! Thank you for sharing this moment of joy!

    1. Carol, and you never fail to make my day with your kind words. Thank you! I’m with you–every day does bring new surprises! Here’s to keeping our options open! :)

  5. Bella, I’d like to come visit the world you’re currently inhabiting. Where beautiful foreign men in their underwear walk their cute dogs in the moonlight. So much more romantic than grouchy husbands stumbling across the hall in their underwear to check on a screaming kiddo by the light of the open bathroom door.

  6. That is a beautiful photo! You should frame it. I can’t remember the last time I had a serendipitous moment. But I’m glad you reminded us of such moments. Now I’ll be on the look out for one (or a Frenchman!).

  7. Whether it was a serendipitous moment or alignment of the stars, I think you are one lucky lady with the Gods on your side! Love this post and the unexpected frolic of your summer travel!

    1. Annie, thank you! Lets hope my luck doesn’t run out. I’m counting on these summer moments to carry me through the rest of the year! :)

    1. Kim, I´m going out tonight again hoping to score the same luck! My camera will be accompanying me! hee hee! And for the record, I too am a firm believer of pre-ordained destiny! :) Thanks for your lovely comments!

    1. Oh girl, I guarantee you they were boxers, not the flowy kind but the boy short kind. Trust me, I got quite an eye full! hee hee!

  8. Like I was being carried along by a handful of balloons, with the inhale stuck in between my second and third ribs, and all my thoughts melted and poured out of my month as gibberish. Even tho I fancy myself a woman of the world, at the come hither glance my knees knock, my name.. who am I again, and my words lay down on the floor of my mind and cease to exist. If not clear, when I bump into one of those moments I live it.. My romantic self is smiling.

  9. Entering a grocery store and seeing that what I was looking for happens to be on a discount. Seeing cats play or fake something (have you seen this one? ). And many other serendipitous moments.

    I think those moments mostly depend on our ability to notice them – we might enjoy seeing kittens or puppies play, but others might just not notice them, or not notice anything they’d consider nice.

    1. Ivana, I agree, we have to notice the serendipitous moments that take place in our lives. And like you mention, they’re different for everyone. I loved the video! Oh my goodness!

  10. I am Rolling on the floor laughing. That’s just hilarious, and I picture it so clearly. One part French Kiss, one part Lady & The Tramp. Just awesome. When I went to Italy several years ago, we met a guy who gave us four girls a ride in his golf cart to get gelato. I rode on the back bench seat, facing backwards, through the Florence Piazzas. So glad I did. Otherwise, I’d have missed the italian man elbow his friend in approval, hold up four fingers, and kiss them to us.

    1. Lori, I’m so glad to provide you with a giggle! And I’m so glad you sat backwards in the golf cart! How wonderful to witness something that puts a smile on your face, eh? :)

  11. Tee hee, Bella–“the Lord giveth me a Frenchman in his underwear.” Sweet serendipity, indeed. For me those moments happen most when I’m out of my comfort zone–out of my native land. It’s the reason I love travel.

    1. Jann, I can imagine how many things you witness when you travel! :) Isn’t it wonderful to be privy to something extraordinary which you normally wouldn’t witness in ordinary life?

  12. Bella, I’m almost too stunned by your serendipitous moment to even think of my own. My brain wavelength is on hot guys at the moment so I’ll just go with the flow here. I think I’ve seen Titanic at least three times. The time before was with my daughter (age 16) who is drooling over Leonardo the whole movie. But last night late, just before bedtime, I watched that scene near the end where Rose and her oh so handsome lover (what is his name again?) are floating on the makeshift raft. He’s holding onto her hand and breathing ice air and still they hold on. Until she lets go to so she can survive and he sinks on down… When my head hit the pillow I kept seeing his face… all night long. At my age. And I felt like such a cougar. But, how old is Leonardo anyway?

    1. Debra, who cares how old he is when he’s that hot? Hey, if older men can lust after younger women, then we can sure as heck lust after younger men! :) Thnks for the giggle, lady! And by the way, it’s time you do a funny post of your own! You’re too good not to!

    1. Drake, I knew I could count on you for the chorus to the Lady Marmalade song! You see, this is the reason I should have you on speed dial! :)

  13. Oh how quickly she forgets about Javier Bardem. But then handsome dudes in their underwear are probably a dime a dozen in Spain, right?

    1. Rowena, how easily you make me giggle, girlfriend! I may oggle at the the dudes in underwear but my heart belongs to Javier! :)

  14. Wow! I would’ve been speechless myself, seeing the site you described so well. Thank you so much for your kind comment, and for taking the time to visit my blog. I so appreciate it!

  15. I’ve had quite a few, but the most impactful for me was when my husband found a public defender job near where his ex-wife moved to with his son. Because we had to move to a state where neither of us had law licenses, our employment options were extremely limited. But we could get special permission for a few positions (DA, Pub Def, Legal Aid) under a special court rule, pending our admission into the new state’s Bar.

    When we moved, we fully expected that I would not be able to work as an attorney until I got my new license. The serendipity was when another attorney in my husband’s office got fed up and quit. I got the job under the same court rule.

    2 years later, we are still working together. Which we had wanted to do while we were just friends, and not a couple. It’s great!

    1. Now that’s serindipitous! Although personally, I can’t imagine working with the Significant Other! hee hee! :)

  16. Back off….I am going to make sure I navigate my athletic body straight to these rocks I know so well when I arrive via banana boat in Spain….the French man is mine…I think no…
    I KNOW my French is better than yours….you will be dismissed with Mother and Roxy in tow!!
    P.S. Didn’t one of our family members almost choke when they aspirated sunflower seeds near theses rocks? hahahahahahahahahah

    1. I’m sure you know how much you’ve made me laugh with this comment! Sweet memories, sister! I remember the choking episode! hee hee! As for the Frenchman, get your own! :)

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