Does it get any hotter than this?

Good day, everyone!

Bella here, reporting barely alive from hot, sunny Spain.

Can anyone say sweltering heat which leaves you dehydrated and one step away from heat stroke?

Whoever said it was sunny in Spain was not jesting, folks.

I’m certain no one, and I mean no one, suffers from a vitamin D deficiency in this country.

You’d think throwing on a hat would help, but the sun is so bright, that a full blown Mexican sombrero wouldn’t make a bit of a difference.

Most days I want to walk through the streets with an open beach umbrella, and if I hit people on the head or poke their eyes out, then it’s their fault.

After all, they should be walking with an open umbrella of their own.

When the lovely Spanish ladies Señora Allnut and Sacramento said it was hot here, they weren’t kidding.

However, I hold them responsible for not warning me to bring an oxygen tank which would allow me to walk more than five steps without feeling like I’m going to pass out.

And given Javier Bardem is not available to give me mouth to mouth resuscitation, this is a catastrophe I want to avoid until he is located.

Hence, the only thing I can do is walk around with a liter of water, a fan, and an ID bracelet.

After all, the hospital staff should know whom to contact in the event I fall and bonk my head, become delirious, or start hallucinating that I’m in the Sahara desert.

The police should also have emergency contact information in case I start removing my clothes to streak through tourist populated streets.

As for the Spanich locals, I’m certain they’ll laugh from their shaded doorways, having come to expect this type of behavior from amateur visitors who cave under the heat.

So what’s a woman to do given these circumstances?


Walk around with a liter of sangria water, the European emergency number 112 on speed dial, and huge Jackie O. sunglasses.

Because don’t think for one minute you can leave the premises without a pair of shades.

Unless you want to be blinded by the sun, develop permanent wrinkles from squinting, or walk around with only one eye open.

(The later allowing the non-working eye to take breaks.)

Yes, Spain is not for the faint of heart.

It’s hot, there’s no humidity in the air, and did I mention it’s hot?

But it’s beautiful.

And sometimes, that’s all that matters.

Where are you spending your summer?


58 thoughts on “Does it get any hotter than this?

  1. Gorgeous pictures. Heat is tough to take, though. I recommend napping in the shade when it’s too hot to do anything else. I’m sure Roxy knows how to do that.

    1. Shary, I’m glad you like them! All Roxy does is nap! The heat is making her a bit lethargic but she’s smart enough to recharge her batteries through napping! :)

  2. This sounds lovely but WAY TOO HOT for me. I spent a summer in Torremolinos right after I graduated from high school. I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish and to make matters worse, I was hired as a receptionist at a hotel. The first person came to the desk angry that the refrigerator in their room was broken. I pretended to listen, smiling I thought at the appropriate place, but he got madder and madder until his hands were around my throat. I was demoted to dirty laundry. I sat with a huge woman in the basement throwing dirty sheets while she tried to teach me to count. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated like that in my life! I need to go back to Spain and have a better experience. I am living vicariously through you, Bella! Stay cool!

  3. It looks like poor Roxy is panting, too! Bella, are you on the correct schedule for southern Europe? You’ve got to get up at 6am and go out for several hours. Be back by about 10 or 11 am, shut the shutters against the sun, take a loooong snooze, and don’t go back outdoors again until after 5 or 6 pm. Only “mad dogs and Englishmen” tramp around in the afternoon.

    1. Jann, Roxy pants all day long here, the poor dear. I’ve jotted down your suggested schedule and will employ it starting tomorrow. I’m afraid I may have been on the “mad dog and Englishmen” schedule! Hee hee! :)

  4. I am sweating as I read your post! Your poor dog is panting too. While I’m not a complete hot weather wimp, I could not handle Spain in the summer. Or Italy for that matter. Pretty much any place that’s sweltering hot without a breeze. Stay cool!

    1. Leah, I’m trying! And you’re right, Roxy was panting! Would you believe I’m walking around with a little “doggy” water bottle I had to buy?

  5. Hey Bella!
    Did you take all the photos?
    Little Roxy in the sun–with the blurry background–nice!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Yup, I would sleep lots and walk outside at night when it’s cooler. Drink lots of water and wear lots of sunscreen. Is a ‘Spanich local’ a local man whose eaten so much spinach, and hence is so strong, he is known as a ‘Spanich local? LOL’ Yes, the sun makes me delerious also. I usually have heat stroke once a year and groan on my sofa for a week with ‘flu like symptoms. Do not do this Bella, we need you!!

    1. Elizabeth, can you be any sweeter? :) I am definitely taking up new habits–walking outside when it’s night time and hydrating a lot more! A “Spanich local?” You’ve made me giggle! :)

  7. OH Bella, too much heat sucks no matter where you are, but at least you are not land locked, and have the humidity. Nebraska is, I fear a god forsaken piece of land. The winters are brutally cold, and the summers crushingly hot, and we have lots and lots of humidity. So we get approximately 3 good days a year. And one of those three days is probably windy enough to make you have permanently chapped lips!

    But you are Spain, so as Maurice Chevallier would say in an outrageous French accent “Enjjjoy it….”

  8. Georgia, Nebraska weather doesn’t sound too agreeable! I’m afraid my hair would be one hot frizzy mess there! :) I think I’ll take Maurice’s advice!

  9. Beautiful pictures, Bella! And from the sound of it, it’s a nice, blow-dryer in your face kind of heat (kind of like Arizona). ;) I agree with the early morning and evening schedule. Have a wonderful time!

    1. Kenya, a nice, blow-dryer in your face is a great way to describe this heat! :) Thank you for your well wishes! I’m glad you like the pictures!

  10. That hot, huh? Do the locals still take siestas in the afternoon during the mid day heat and stay out later when it’s much cooler? Love the photos, especially the first one. Someone is such a good model. ;-)

    1. Paz, believe it or not siestas are still sacred here. The shops open from 10am to 2pm and then close and reopen from 6 to 11pm. This later time table is applicable to the beachside town I’m in, by the way. Doesn’t Roxy look cute with beach as a backdrop? The heat makes her sleepy! :)

    1. Ariana, you crack me up! I think the hot Frenchmen may be making the temperature rise! hee hee! I love hot weather but after living in a country where it’s not as hot, it takes a wee bit to get used to. :)

  11. Gosh I love Spain. Some friends and I rented a flat in August a couple of years ago. It was the hottest I’ve ever been. The tiny AC unit couldn’t keep up. The only relief was to go to the beach and dunk in the ocean. But by the time I made it back to my towel I’d be sweltering again…

    1. Danielle, that sounds just like what we’re going through here, without the ac unit! :) The ocean water is gorgeous though! Too bad the cool feeling lasts just until you exit the water!

  12. But you’re in Spain! Somethings, like being in Spain, are worth a few discomforts. All those lovely men and women, the food, the shopping, the sights, and Bella’s heart swelling and packing in the memories, ahh to be at a Tapas Bar sitting Cava and talking life, sharing tales.

    1. Brenda, you’re so right! The heat is a small price to pay for the beauty that surrounds me! The food is so lovely, I’m going to have to start watching what I eat! It’s so easy to gain weight here! :)

  13. Bella, I deal with 90’s degree weather most of the Summer and I love it almost, never,, even though I was born in an island.
    The photos are gorgeous and I can’t wait to see some of you in the scorching sun with your Jackie O. glasses.
    Roxy Lee is to cute to be hot in that photo!

    1. Ofelia, your kind words make my heart sing. Thank you! I’ll be posting more photos tomorrow. Stay tuned! :) Roxy’s tickled pink that you think she’s cute!

  14. Ooh Bella, this Irish girl would burst into flames. I can get on board with snoozing for hours during the day, however.

    Photos are beautiful, friend!

    1. Heidi, thank you! I’m honored you like my humble attempt at photography! And with your fair complexion, I can see how the sun would affect you! However, something tells me that gradual tanning would leave you with a beautiful honey tan!

  15. I love the photo of Roxy. She’s so photogenic, if you ask me. But I don’t think you should be complaining about the heat–unless you’re complaining for Roxy’s sake. Dogs don’t do well in hot weather. When I look at your beautiful photos, I don’t get a sense of high temps. So I prefer to think that you’re in a perfect paradise and that’s good enough for me. So enjoy!

    1. Monica, Roxy is very pleased you think she’s photogenic! I think so too! I’m tickled pink you like the photos! That said, trust me when I tell you the heat is scorching hot! But you’re right, this is a bit of a paradise so I will heed your advice, friend! :)

    1. Rowena, Roxy says, “Grazie!” She’s panting a little bit in this photo but that afternoon it wasn’t that hot.

  16. it’s true, we’re not kidding!!, but I think the south Mediterranean coast is the hottest!!
    On the other hand, they’re enjoying some nice weather in the north of Spain (15º- 20ºC maximum most of days!), so it would be great if you take care about weather forecast if you’re going to travel!!, because not everywhere in Spain is sunny and hot!
    But we’re living in the hot south, so we need to be careful and avoid walking outside in the midday (really, it would be better never go outside after 13 p.m.): the live is just restricted to early early morning and evening or night!. What about our fabulous nights??
    besos & night activities

    1. Mrs. Allnut, your evening weather is absolutely lovely! I love the cool breeze from the beach when I walk with my mother and Roxy during the late evening. We are in the south Mediterranean Coast so I think that’s why we’re so warm. I wish I was traveling to the North since I’ve never been! I definitely have to arrange it so I can visit on another trip to Spain! :)

  17. Such beautiful pictures, even if it is hot! I agree: sometimes beautiful is all that matters. I remember when I moved to Phoenix. My dad said, “you’re going to be moving from air conditioner to air conditioner.” It was hot. But if I spent all that time indoors, I would have missed out on a gorgeous–if not sweltering–place.

    1. Kelly, I visited Arizona one summer and thought I would die with the scorching heat! Thank goodness for central air conditioner ever present in American homes. Sadly, that’s not the case for Europe. The best we can do here is a portable unit. :) I’m so happy you like the photos!

  18. I’m a HATER of all things hot and humid. BUT since Spain is soooo gorgeous, I’ll give it a chance. I just have to make sure I pack a huge container of sangria (I guess you call it “water” these days) with me. :)

    1. Laura, the sangria totally helps! hee hee! I’ve had some lovely one since I’ve been here. Actually, one of the neighbors made it and brought it up. Thank goodness for hospitality! :)

    2. How nice of them to do that! I wish my neighbors did that for me!!! I actually had a glass of strawberry sangria today. It was weird…

  19. Oh sweet…a bit of a peek at Spain…thank you for bringing a bit of your world into mine. I love your Jack Russell..I use to have one many years ago…they are quite the little energy bunnies~
    Enjoy the sun as it truly is one of Natures finest gifts to us~

    1. Dorothy, I agree with you–Jack Russells are little balls of energy! Roxy’s on the go 24/7. The heat has slowed her down a little bit but come evening, she perks up and is ready to rock and roll! :) I will enjoy the sun and try to rid myself of my vitamin D deficiency. Thanks for dropping by!

  20. I am not a fan of the heat (and yet, I live in Florida. Sigh), but I think I would endure if it meant being in Spain. :)

    I love the image in my head of you sneaking around alley corners looking for your beloved JB. :)

    1. Amber, I’m starting to worry that people will think I’m some kind of lurker! hee hee! However, a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do and I will do anything to find my Javier! :) I think you would do just fine in this weather, you are part Cuban after all! :)

  21. Your emergency contact should be Javier!! If you don’t have his number, then I’m disappointed in you. =) Your pictures make me wanna dump out our pittance of a savings and race to the airport. My summer look exceedingly homebound – whimper! When I last touched Spanish soil, eight years ago, it was in summer too. The locals beat the heat by napping all afternoon. Heaven!

    1. Lori, the locals are still beating the heat by napping in the afternoon! Some things never change. I wish I could tell you I’ve obtained Javier’s number, but it’s still a work in progress. hee hee! And by all means, dump out your saving and travel! Life is too short to save money! :)

  22. The photos, the photos! I finally stopped by for some Spanish hilarity and photos and you did not disappoint! Despite the lack of Javier. And you needed to get snap-happy with that Frenchman [or otherwise happy, but now I’m all up in your business . . .:)]

    Always so glad I save up to read a few days of your posts at a time – giggles ensue –

    1. Jayca, I’m so pleased you approve and that I can provide you with a few giggles! :) I’m carrying my camera with me 24/7. I hope to be able to capture someone in their underwear! :)

  23. Gosh Bella, I love your blog..oh my you just capture the intensity of the heat out there in this post. It sure is beautiful though! I hear you – we have had some hot days here in California’s lovely though with the breeze from the ocean that cools us here inland (thank goodness). Always good to pop by and visit – and thank you SO SO very much for your kind and encouraging are just so generous!

    1. Shirley, you are good for my ego and soul, sister! :) As for your blog, you know I’m a fan! California is a beautiful place to live in! I lived there for seven years back in the day. I hated the fog though! Drop by anytime, lady!

  24. Try going out only before ten in the morning and after five in the afternoon. That’s how we survived Egypt, which is, believe it or not, even hotter than Spain. Much hotter.

    One time we tried to go on a half-a-day trip to desert, to see the desert tribes and the desert itself and all that. We started at two in the afternoon and the two of us never got there, I got a heat stroke (not bad enough for a hospital, we returned to our room and with the help of the air conditioning I recovered).

    Watch out in that darn heat, and enjoy! Great pictures!

    1. Ivana, Egypt is way hotter! The Significant Other has been there and he also suffered a bad heat stroke. I’m happy you like the photos! Thanks for the tips, friend! :)

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