Who wants churros with their coffee?

The other day I tweeted that I’d renounced eating sugary carbs for the rest of the summer.

I lied.

I didn’t lie intentionally.

I tweeted that statement in good faith.

Good faith which exited the building the minute the waiter placed this plate of churros in front of us.

Churros-Long strips of fried dough coated with sugar

This leads me to conclude that my mom is evil.

She’s intent on sabotaging any shred of will power I have left.

“It’s ridiculous to swear off carbs while you’re in Spain. Stop being silly and set another goal,” she says.

Substitution has been one of my mother’s strategies for as long as I can remember.

I say, “I need to consume less sodium in my diet,” and she counters with “Salt is necessary. Chew some Gas X tablets and you won’t feel bloated.”

“We have to stop drinking Coke. It’s bad for us.”

“So is harsh sunlight, but I don’t see us moving into a cave any time soon.”

Yes, she’s a born saboteur.

That’s why I eyed her suspiciously when she ordered the churros.

“What? They’re not for you.”

Yeah, right.

The minute the hot, fried golden sticks made their way to our table, I was a goner.

And this saddens me.

It makes me doubt my resolve; my will to resist temptation.

“Mom, I’m not eating churros. I already told you that.”
“You’re not eating churros, no matter what the circumstances?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, if Javier Bardem were dressed in nothing but an apron and volunteered to finger feed those to you, you’d say no?”

My hesitation is all she needs to continue.

“In other words, Javier can feed you churros, but your mother can’t.”
“You’re not a sexy Spanish actor with bedroom eyes.”
“And Javier didn’t carry you in his belly for nine months, spend 23 hours in labor, and suffer through an episiotomy.”


Another one of my mother’s favorite strategies.

And today it works.

Besides, I can almost hear the churros whispering, “Bella…”

So I take a bite, promising myself that today’s the last day I’ll consume sugary carbs.

I think.

I hope.

I can always swim ten extra laps.

We’ll see.
Do you have a weakness for carbs?

67 thoughts on “Who wants churros with their coffee?

  1. Some things are just too good to pass up. Churros must be one of them. My human has been to Spain, agrees, and says that avoiding calories while there is as futile as draining a full bathtub with a teaspoon. As for things you can’t pass up, I know the feeling – three dasy old road kill- Woof! Woof!

    1. Sandy, hello and welcome! How cute is your comment! I love it! And I think you’re right. That’s why I just gave in rather than torture myself and in the process allow the churros to get cold! :)

  2. The Oropesinas!!!!!!! How many French cigarettes and coffees did I not drink there while you and our beloved mother shopped at knick knack stores….Ok I have to log off I feel an arrythmia coming on because I am not there….JK…I may just throw myself into the Great Lakes and hope my beautiful carcass floats all the way to the Costa del Azahar….farewell from a bored human being in the North Dakota tundra…xoxoxoxo

    1. We shopped in knick knack stores because smoking is bad for you! When will you ever stop smoking those cancer sticks? Something tells me you’re going to win the lottery tonight. Keep the faith! Hang in there…divine intervention is about to make an appearance…or so I pray! :)

  3. I’m with mom on this one – there will be no swearing off delicious carbs while anywhere in Europe.

    Particularly churros. Ugh. You’ve made me so jealous I can barely type.

    1. Amber, come join me for churros and coffee! You would have a blast and we could burn off the calories together! :)

    2. Can you imagine? If I had the extra funds, Jonas and I would be there in a heartbeat. I’d totally brush up on my stalking skills so we could track down JB for you.

  4. Love this banter between your mom and you. Don’t moms just have a way with lathering on the guilt. If all else fails, the childbirth argument appears and I’m a goner. Speaking of goners, I could not pass up those Churros, with or without Javier. Thanks for the laugh, Bella!

    1. Annie, I think guilt is a universal mom strategy and don’t get me started on the childbirth ordeal! :) I’m with you concerning the churros! They were so good! I’m happy to provide you with a chuckle!

    1. Shary, you and I both! OMG, will this mean weight gain before I leave here. Eek! I need to have more willpower! :)

  5. First, who goes on the diet while vacationing? Second, your mom sounds just like mine, she always puts the guilt card in front of me and it always works. Third, you are in Spain – eat, drink everything!!!!

    1. Ariana, it’s final: I’ve chosen you as my moral compass! hee hee! I think I’m finally giving in and indulging a bit. There’s always the pool where I can do extra laps! :)

  6. LOL! I like your mom’s responses. ;-) Now I have an urge to make some churros (even though I swore them off a while ago). Maybe this weekend. Hmmm…

    1. Kim, no word from Javier yet but I haven’t given up yet! And I should be eating Cherrios instead of churros! hee hee! :)

  7. Haaaaa!!!! If the apron scenario came out of my mom, I’d be startled speechless. That’s hilarious. The closest she ever came was announcing one day in Blockbuster that Robert Downey Jr. “is dreamy.” Ahhh, yes, mom, I agree. As for the churros…. they’re the devil. We love those so much, we served them at our wedding reception. ha!!!

    1. Lori, add me to the list of women who think Robert Downey Jr is dreamy! You had churros at your wedding reception? Now that’s a reception I would’ve wanted to attend! How cool is that! :)

  8. Never had a churro, but I have yet to find a carb I didn’t like. My mother can never pull the “_____ hours in labor with you” because I was adopted, but she does find the magical guilt button in other ways, LOL.

    Once again…you are in Spain…Enjjjjjjoy it!

    1. Georgia, I’m sure your mom has plenty of strategies of her own! They’re crafty, these mother of ours! I am in Spain–I’m definitely heeding your counsel! :)

    1. June, thinking of an episiotomy give me the creeps! OMG, can anyone say painful? And because of all the pain my mum went through, I will enjoy! :)

  9. Oh, Bella. Yes, carbs, sweet carbs. I cannot resist. And neither should you. Swim those extra laps and enjoy. And tell your mother that episiotomy talk is for wine and dinner, not coffee and churros. ;)

    1. Heidi, I couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks, friend! And the pool here just invites one to swim, so yes I can! :)

  10. Life is to short not to have some rice and beans, churros, bread, pasta….
    We can always dance, and walk or dance while we talk or talk while we dance the extra calories away!

    1. Ofelia, I love your philosophy of life! I’m taking note and plan to employ it immediately! Let the dancing begin! :)

  11. Your mom sounds like my mom… She takes one look at me, lists the evils of white rice, and then takes me out to eat Asian food. It doesn’t matter what kind, any Asian food will do, but if I order something that doesn’t come with rice, she says that I’ve become too Americanized. She then proceeds to tsk and shake her head. What is a girl supposed to do, huh?

    And I think carbs were meant for women to consume. Period. I would be super cranky if I didn’t have any.

    1. Laura, you’re right. Other than caffeine withdrawal, othing makes me crankier than carb withdrawal. I think your mom and my mom should become friends! :)

  12. ps. your obsession with Javier Bardem seems to be reaching dangerous levels, here. Much like my obsession was with pie last week… :)

  13. Enjoy all of it. We know you and Roxie will burn it off when you get back home. I think I agree with Laura about Javier. We dedicated readers might need to stage an intervention. :-) Oh Bella, continue having fun. Fun reading from afar.

    1. I’m putting the breaks on the Javier Bardem obssession. I lie. I’ll try! hee hee! Roxy and I burn plenty of calories here going to long walks to a nearby dock. She loves it even if I hate climbing the rolling hills. :( I’m so glad you’re a devoted reader, dear Brenda! Thank you! :)

  14. If I had been there….I would’ve said “just slide those things right over here and I’ll save you the trouble of eating them.”

    1. Oh Rowena, that would have been marvelous! The stories you could tell would keep me occupied for hours and make me forget about the churros! I’m sure! :)

  15. Thank you for letting us in on your holiday, Bella. I loved yesterday’s post with Roxy soaking up the sun! And do save some churros for us. I had to Google them to find out what they were and realized that they’re a lot like some sweets here, which are pretty addictive too!

    1. Oh Corinne, I think you would love churros! I don’t know if you’re a coffee drinker, but they are the perfect companion early in the morning or late afternoon! Roxy is indeed soaking up the sun. Would you believe she sunbathes on the terrace in the morning? What a spoiled baby she is! :)

  16. I see where you got your humor from, Bella! Those things look damn good, and there’s no way I could ever resist them. Mom is right: a holiday is no time to diet.

  17. Oh. Churrrrros (roll that R). I can still see the fellow in the white apron extruding the dough into boiling oil under the florescent lights of the little cafe in the Plaza Mayor, Madrid. Served still warm with thick Spanish chocolate. Winter 1999.

    You can justify your sugary carb breakdown by saying that you’re eating them on my behalf.

    I’m now off to hunt down my photo albums from that trip….

    1. Oh Eden, what a tangible memory! I love it! Good for you for remembering and for keeping photographs of such a special time! :)

  18. Me encantan los churros and just about every other carb. I love your mother. Sounds like the relationship I have with my own daughter. Back from college where she’s lost 10 pounds in the last year (and looks great) she swears I sabotage her efforts by making her favorite foods. But, carbs are my weakness. I first discovered churros as a kid in Caracas. OMG, they were yummy. I can almost taste those in your photo. Once again I have to say, wish I was there…

    1. Monica, would you believe I’ve been to Caracas, Isla Margarita and Merida? I fell in love with Venezuelan people and their food! I’m glad that when I talk about my weakness for churros, you know exactly what I mean! :) Carbs are not only my weakness, they will be my downfall, and yours too, I’m afraid. :) We have to discuss some kind of game plan here as to not let carbs beat us! hee hee!

    2. You’ve been to Venezuela?! Que chevere! That’s where my family is from. A few years ago I took my kids there to see family. It was grand with a capital G! I spent much of my childhood there, most summers. Lucky are we who can live in two cultures without batting an eye.

    3. Too right, Monica! I loved Venezuela! One of my funniest memories is how they gave us arepas on the flight! I eat food there, like I’ve never had before! I hope to visit again someday. We are lucky women indeed, amiga! :)

  19. I’m with Monica – carbs are my weakness. I could live on bread, scones and the like. And oh, that coffee looks damn good too!

    1. Leah, give me carbs and coffee or give me death! :) Really, I wish you could try the coffee here! It’s one step away from Nirvana. I kid you not!

    2. We need to have a She Writes meetup in Spain! Actually, my college girl is planning to go there next year for a semester, so I may need to visit her and try the coffee and churros. If I do go, Bella, you’ll have to give me a list of spots to visit!

    3. Count on it, Monica! Your girl is smart for coming for a semester. Her life will never be the same again. As for you, come prepared to feast on coffee and churros and extra laps! :)

  20. Those churros look delicious! I’m not sure you need to give up *all* sugary carbs–moderation is the key. Because your mom is always going to order them. You might as well have a way to manage them. :)

    1. Elise, you are brilliant! And why have I forgotten Bhudda’s teaching of “everything in moderation?” Shame on me! Thank you for steering me in the direction of the light! You rock! :)

  21. Churros and coffee . . . find a way to add peanut butter and I’m in!!

    [Okay, I was in, anyway]

    Odd side note: we’re off to Spanish Point today [tourist destination here in Sarasota] and I totally thought of you! Close as I’m going to get to Spain anytime soon . . .

    Bonne chance on the laps!

    1. Jayca, we’re close in spirit and that’s what counts! :) I love peanut butter! Today I swam like a deranged swimmer! Thanks for cheering me on! :)

  22. If you give up carbs completely, you’ll just go wild with hunger and eat much more than you’d otherwise do. Especially if you give up delicious carbs. :) As Elise said, moderation is the key.

    Guilt trips. My mother tries to use them on me too, which is probably the only time I become intentionally malicious (I’m not proud of it, but hey, don’t try to make me feel guilty, and we’ll probably agree just fine).

    My weaknesses… Spending too much time on the Internet, reading or translating or writing until both my neck and my eyes hurt… Do those count? As for food or drink,there’s nothing I can’t give up easily if there’s a real need for it, otherwise i just enjoy it. :)

    1. Ivana, I love the philosophy of “just enjoying!” I agree–carbs give one energy and are vital if we’re to get through the day. Indeed, moderation is the key! You ladies are savvy and wise! I hate the guilt trips. Moms can be so conniving, can’t they? :)

  23. Your mom is funny! My mom used to say that, if you were eating out, whoever paid for the meal got the calories. Or if you shared something, you only got half the calories and the other period got the other half. Your mom is quite good at what she does! What she fails to take note of is that if Javier was there, in an apron and nothing else, he wouldn’t live long after Penelope got done with him.

    1. Oh girl, you got that right! Latina women are notoriously jealous! I can’t bear to think what would happen to poor Javier! hee hee!

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