62 thoughts on “Who wants to people watch with me?

    1. Danielle, the Son likes to do just that. He’ll see a person or something that catches his eye, and a story is born! His had an active imagination since he was born! :)

    1. bwhahaha! OMG, Monica! Were I to be so lucky! Trust me, if I had spotted Javier, I would have dragged him back to the apartment, tied him up like Kathy Bates did to James Caan in the film, “Misery” and I surely would only blog about it when it was time to go home! hee hee! :)

    1. Jennifer, trust me, the candids are not as tricky but when you’re snapping a photo of someone and they look straight at you, it can be a bit intimidating! But if you’re able to overcome the fear, what fun! :)

    1. OMG, girl, doesn’t he look like him? :) He was running just a few feet in front of me and if it had been Jason Bourne, hot spy man kick-the-bad-guys-butt, I would have been running after him! :)

  1. The only way for me to do people watching while on a beach is to not feel well – if I’m feeling well, I’m swimming all the time, and don’t pay any attention to others (well, I do pay attention not to hit someone by accident).

    One September, though, we were in Bodrum, and we didn’t feel really well, so I did a lot of people watching then. Some of it was cute (such as a young – sadly, quite fat – dad in a South Park T-shirt – who says that when you become a parent you have to be boringly serious?). Some of it was, well, not so cute. And there’s a trouble with watching: once you see something, you can’t unsee it.

    1. Ivana, so true! Indeed, one you become and eye witness, well, it stays with you until you have your memories. Some things you like to go back and remember, others, you wish you had never seen! :)

  2. Fun people watching shots! Makes me want to go to the beach… sort of. But when I go, I usually go to the dog beach, so my shots would be of interesting canines. I’ll have to try to juggle my camera with the tennis ball next time I go.

    1. Shary, I would love to see shots of the dog beach! I’ve never been to one. I’m certain Roxy would love it! She’s not allowed to go on the sand here but she gets to walk along the sidewalk which is very close. :)

  3. Love those pictures!!! And your captions are hilarious. Kudos to the girl in the thong, cuz that’s some Serious self-confidence. I’d love to be on the beach towel next to you while we rate everyone’s beach wear. So fun!

    1. Lori, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them! On the subject of thongs, I could never, and I mean, never pull off a thong! I’ve always dreamed of a perfect, cellulite-free butt, but so far, nada. :( In the meantime, I’m taking a raincheck on you joining me for a beach wear critique day! :)

    1. Annie, thank you, sister! The sun worshipper was hysterical. If you can believe this, he was doing the “yoga” pose repeatedly for the span of ten minutes. He would bend over like a human rubberband, come back to, and repeat the movement. I had more than enough time to capture shots of him, though I could barely contain my laughter! :)

    1. Now you reminded me of some pigeons… My mom’s cat watches them from the window; the window is on the ground level and there’s a metal net on it, so the cat couldn’t get out and so that nobody could poke the cat with a sharp object. The pigeons seem to be aware that the cat who watches them can’t get them, and they looove to walk in front of her, slowly.

      And there I was, thinking pigeons were stupid.

    2. Ivana, those pigeons are smarter than we think! Look at them strutting around like nobody’s business! It’s like they’re putting on their own modeling show! :)

  4. These photos are priceless. You could have a hey day creating profiles on each of them. Like you and the others, watching people (that probably watch me) is a writer’s dream. We don’t have too look to far for stories. Now a whine. these pictures are torture to me. Jealous, but coping. No Spain for me this year, but I am off to Santa Fe next month. Not quite Spain, but… OK, done whining. :-)

    1. hee hee, Brenda! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with Santa Fe! I’m certain you’ll have a grand time and come back with people watching photos of your own! Please share! :) Here’s to you coming to Spain soon!

  5. You are shameless in your photo snatching! I wish I had the nerve! Recently in San Francisco for the first time ever, I was people-watching in Union Square. This well-dressed women walks by pushing a cute little stroller. Only it was TOO little. Then I realized it was a stroller for her dog. Too much. I wish I’d snagged a shot! Enjoy summer :)

    1. Astra, wait till you see the photos I’ve captured of doggies in strollers! Stay tuned! Roxy was flabbergasted! :) I plan on doing another photo post, so please come back and visit!

  6. I LOVE people watching! I love it even more when I have someone to watch people with! I am horrible when it comes to making fun of people, but it’s all in good fun. Right? hahaha. That hunk of a man you snapped a pic of looks mildly like Matt Damon!

    1. Laura, Rowena and I were thinking the same thing! H’e looked hunkier in person, trust me! These are the times I’m glad the Significant Other stayed behind! hee hee! As for “all in good fun,” you naughty girll, you! :)

  7. I agree with you, beach is a wonderful place for people watching (or a terrace on a busy street, where you can have a drink while people watching!!), and it’s awesome how many assorted specimens you can watch!!. And I think people is quite relaxed and never mind about other people, love that relaxed atmosphere on the beach!
    And you always make me laugh!

    1. Mrs. Allnut, you’re quite correct–busy streets also make for wonderful people watching! Last night I engaged in just that when I sat down to have ice cream at “La Jijonenca.” Like you mention, people are so engaged in their own activity, they are hardly conscious of being watched! I’m tickled pink to have made you laugh! Besos!

  8. I love to people watch! But I think my eyes are not quite prepared for the advanced people watching you seem to find. I think I’ll stick to the mall… ;)

    1. Elise, you can do some wonderful people watching at the mall! I enjoy that as well! There’s inspiration just about anywhere! :)

    1. Amy, people watching is even better when you have someone to share it with! The Significant Other shares my love of people watching as well. There are times we even make up stories of the people we see! :)

  9. I love your idea! People watching can be so much fun and although I’m at home at the moment where I haven’t got any people around to watch (plus: it’s raining, so I’m definitely not going out to watch anything tonight) I can still do some people watching through your lense. Excellent.
    I don’t have a proper beach around here, either, but I sometimes watch people in cafés or restaurants. Sometimes I get a bit scared, though, because it would be a bit creepy if I found out that someone was watching me all the time, so what if these people realise I watch them? So I would make them feel bad… !?

    1. Sabrina, I think most of the time, people aren’t aware they’re being watched and if they do, half the time they don’t care. Besides, it’s a free world! :) I think humans beings are interesting and provide for great blog material! hee hee! Here’s hoping the rain on your end will stop soon and you’ll feel inspired to go out and people watch! :)

  10. People watching is my favorite pastime too ..there’s nothing quite fascinating as that and the last thing or place I witnessed from my lens was the pristinely beautiful island and people of Hawaii .. it was some experience I tell you !

  11. Love your photos. I do the same especially at the beach but I’m too afraid to snap any photos. You’ve got a great eye and a delicious sense of humor. The captions made me smile.

    1. Thank you! I’m tickled pink you think so! Next time you’re at the beach, conquer your fear and snap away! Think of the chuckles you’ll have at home when you view them! :)

  12. I love to people watch! My bff and I are always taking pictures of people we see but are afraid to post them incase friends of theirs see them on our fb page or blog..but I guess they ARE going out in public that way so we shouldnt worry so much lol

    1. Holly, hello and welcome! You’re right–if people go out like that in public, then it shouldn’t matter if you post their photos on your blog! :)

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